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Good Love is on the Way!

I never thought I'd be saying that I'm in a good place, regardless of what's in my wallet, but perhaps I've realized contentment doesn't lie amidst the paper bills and coin in my pocket. It's been a year and 5 months since my life took a turn for a better path. The partner in my life made a decision which has settled me into a less rocky landscape. He has become my partner in crime and my best friend, and, although some could say we are a tad boring, no one can feel the comfortable and content feeling I have knowing he's there.

I used to live my life without a safety net, not really caring which decision was right or wrong. Now I have someone to bounce my thoughts off of, and it is an amazing feeling. Who would have known when he met me, a long time ago, that we would be together again as a couple. In some way I think it was all supposed to be this way, but maybe it was just me letting down the wall and taking a chance.

The best birthday gift was from him.…