Sunday, January 10, 2016

Date Night

I have to admit, I haven't been on a date in very long time. Now, whether or not this was an actual date at first, I believe turned into one during the evening. Movie, dinner and drinks was the plan. I was excited, not only to see an old friend from the 'ole watering hole', but we were going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 9 years old, and I know seeing this movie could be either awesome or disappointing, but at least going with him would give us less awkward moments of silence.

He is pretty shy but I remembered how he broke through his shell a bit when we hung out, so when we met up in the theatre, I was happy to see it wasn't awkward at all. He had reserved the perfect seats in the theatre via computer, giving us the ease of just walking in, picking up drinks and sitting without the seat search. Great small talk, some giggles over the 3D glasses and the lights went low. The reclining seats were comfortable but did make it a bit uncomfortable to have the traditional snuggle in the glowing lights from the screen. That put me at ease in a way, too soon for that anyways.

Avoiding laying out a full review of the movie here, I will say it was definitely a good discussion after you leave the theater, which is what we did once we were outside. A good thing as I didn't want to cause some negative reactions from exiting viewers on the escalators. While we searched for a restaurant that wasn't full, we talked about the movie, agreeing on most topics and laughing about our view of the movie from old eyes compared to the preteen eyes full of awe and wonder at the original episode released 39 years before.

We decided on Indian food, a good choice as I haven't eaten this type of food for at least a decade. He loves hot spicy food, where I am not a fan but I knew I could order something there to my spice tolerance. The restaurant was very quiet, easy to talk, and we did, about everything. I asked if he missed the West End, as he moved east 4 years ago.
He told me his New Years resolution - to mingle more at work, especially at lunch, rather than eat in his office. This showed me he even recognizes he is shy. After dinner, which I paid, to even up the financial spending and hopefully the uncomfortable moment at cheque time, we walked down to the bar, where we would feel at ease, with familiar faces and places around us. We fiddled with his mobile phone to make it work better, and giggled at the dancer, as it was the weekly disco night event. It got really busy so he suggested we go somewhere quieter and I agreed. Off to another pub, which wasn't great and then to another, we talked more about our jobs, our outdoor activities, my pet, etc.

Finally, it was time to go, so he and I walked up to my apartment building. As ingrained in everyone, the pregnant pause at the door turned in to a nice hug. He probably would have kissed me even on the cheek if he wasn't so shy. I said that we should get together again and he agreed. Hopefully, we do, as the first date is always weird. Now that we are relaxed around each other, we can have more fun next time. I hope it happens.

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And just a little update.... Another date is in the works ;).....

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