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Spring Has Sprung!

The sun finally came out today, timely with Spring just arriving a few days ago. In addition to the warmer weather, the birds chirping and the flowers beginning to pop up through the topsoil, my continuing blooming personal life is also stretching upwards toward the sun. This upcoming weekend brings on a milestone in any relationship - the traditional "holiday meeting of the boyfriend". Easter is this weekend and he is coming to dinner at my parents home. As he said, "The pressure is on!".

My family is far from religious so this dinner is more of a gathering of our busy siblings and their better halves, and children. With all of our responsibilities at our various careers, it's virtually impossible to lasso the herd, and the intermittent holidays seem to tweak our instincts to return home, like salmon returning to their creek to spawn. I decided, since my man has no family out west, that he might enjoy the warmth in his belly of a home cooked meal and the hila…

2 Months In

Well, it's the end of February and I'm officially in a relationship. It has been over 3 years since I've been tied down and I'm actually giddy. Somehow this man found me after 3 years. He disappeared when he moved to East Van, and he regrets not asking me out before he moved. I am blown away that he returned, like a cat that ran away, and now has returned to his home.

After dating him, before deciding to make it official, I realized that we have more in common than I ever did before, when we were bar buddies. From little trivial things like owning a cookoo clock and liking WWII planes, to having similar lifestyles and ideals, we are such and easy match. Two pieces of a puzzle that fit like a glove. Even when there is silence, we are comfortable.

I'm not even crossing my just works. Maybe 2016 and the year of the monkey is finally my year!!!!!

Date Night

I have to admit, I haven't been on a date in very long time. Now, whether or not this was an actual date at first, I believe turned into one during the evening. Movie, dinner and drinks was the plan. I was excited, not only to see an old friend from the 'ole watering hole', but we were going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 9 years old, and I know seeing this movie could be either awesome or disappointing, but at least going with him would give us less awkward moments of silence.

He is pretty shy but I remembered how he broke through his shell a bit when we hung out, so when we met up in the theatre, I was happy to see it wasn't awkward at all. He had reserved the perfect seats in the theatre via computer, giving us the ease of just walking in, picking up drinks and sitting without the seat search. Great small talk, some giggles over the 3D glasses and the lights went low. The reclining seats were comfortable but did make it…

New Years Day - Eyes Wide Open.

My eyes, blurry from the festivities of the previous evening, squinted at the blinding light shining through my bedroom window. A faint purring could be heard behind me as my fluffy cat slept peacefully. It's a new year, 2016, and my first thought was of coffee. Once I stirred, BeBe, my newest edition of my furry companion collection, was sitting up starting at me with her crooked marble blue eyes. She no doubt had been waiting all morning for her breakfast and was purring waiting for my two feet to hit the ground.

The plan today was to watch the new year revellers jump into the chilly water for the annual polar bear swim. Then head into the bar and cheer in the new year with my friends. As I sipped my coffee I smiled at the memory of the past 2 weeks off. I focused not on trying to buy the perfect gifts, rushing all over town in a chaotic mess. This year I promised myself it's not about what you give but the giving itself. I have been blessed this year with many great things…