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The Invasion

Silence....This blog site has been quiet for over a month. I didn't actually push PAUSE on my life, although it definitely felt like it. In the midst of a life hiatus, I managed to find a place to hang my jacket for 8 hours a day. Although it is not in that dream job, it is employment, and for now, I am happy to be earning a wage. I am still in the industry of cooking, albeit a bit off on a tangent. I am cooking on food trucks at my old university, which is less cooking and mostly customer service. I have always thought of myself as someone who should always be behind the doors which divide the kitchen from the customers, as I have managed to increase my kitchen vocabulary to heights which would embarrass even myself, but apparently I have a skill with clientele as my new job. I am actually good at serving people, at least through a mobile food truck window. So I am currently working there, earning a union wage and slowly feeling the creativity shrivel in my body. Hence, the disap…