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Desire and Desperation

It has been almost a month of unemployment and I'm going a bit stir crazy. It's not like I haven't been looking for work, as I have been sending out resumes almost daily. I just haven't had any desire to want to be a cook anymore, and with that massive obstacle in my way, my desire to job search is obsolete. It's been hard for me to even enjoy food itself, meals only being used for fuel, rather than enjoyment. I have spent over 25 years in this restaurant industry and it has run me dry. My last experience open wounds that won't heal and I am reluctant to find another similar job, in fear that those scars will reopen immediately. Everyone knows the infamous line: "Same shit, different pile" - I know that it is true and avoiding it is impossible in this industry. 

Passion is one thing I have been looking at in myself lately, trying to search for something I would love to do that would always motivate me no matter what. I know that here is a large chunk o…