Friday, November 28, 2014

The Awakening

So, I had a discussion the other night with a friend about little things that comfort you; things people do that instantly brings you back to your childhood. We both discovered we sucked our thumbs when we were kids and that brought on the topic of instant gratification. It's interesting how anyone can smell, hear, taste, feel or see something that emotionally brings you through an internal time warp and places you in that specific situation from when it happened, and then your brain brings up all of the emotional responses from that time. For example, when I see a Gerber baby food commercial, my mind makes my mouth do what babies do when they eat. Of course I don't physically do the action, but I recognize that I am fighting - my mind vs body - to actually carry out the action. The internal feeling is an uncontrollable reaction in response to a stimulation of one or more of my senses. I personally love it when it happens.

Last night, and this morning, I had one of those "feelings" and it literally brought a smile to my face. Over the past year, there has been news about Walt Disney owning the Star Wars franchise and I was of course skeptical. I am 46 years old now and when Star Wars was released it was 1977 - mini me being the ripe age of 9 years old. I was in my formative years and was subjected to a movie that would forever change my whole existence. I was an immediate fan and, looking back at the trilogy, I can see why. Seeing a strong female character, a leader and in charge, had its immediate affect on a young girl. The hero wasn't bad in looks either. I was hooked and to this day have a collection of Star Wars paraphernalia in my apartment.

The smile that was planted on my face was because of the trailer released for the newest addition to the Star Wars saga. I am and will always be a skeptic on anything new having to pertain to Star Wars. It is to me like doing covers of Beatles tunes. The prequel trilogy disappointed me to no end, especially the female character, as she began similarly to my mentor, so to speak, a strong and independent leader also. To no avail, by the last episode, her character shrivelled to nothing, weak and meek, nothing I wanted or expected. This wasn't what Star Wars was about, especially to me. So these sneak peaks of the newest trilogy obviously intrigued me and I have perused through the two videos with eyes wide open. What I did see stirred something inside I hadn't felt in a while, an excitement I'm sure most Star Wars fans around the globe are also feeling.

I was immediately brought back to my pre-teen and teenage years, when the obsessions of every interest took your body over like a tidal wave. Click, click, click I searched the internet for more news, trailers, pictures, interviews, articles, anything that was about the new movies. I remembered how much I loved the post movie storylines of the novels published about the future of all the characters, and of course, the fan site I used to chat on for hours with other fans. Yes, I am and have always admitted to be a Star Wars nerd, but the recent trailers have reawakened the latent emotions hidden underneath the years of life.

I am definitely excited!!!!!!

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