Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 4: On the Way Home

I woke up with a lingering Heineken draft headache after waking up 3 times in the night. Last night was the quietest night in the hotel. No snoring, no loud music, and no heated moaning. So why wake up so much? Anticipation of leaving I guess. So, slowly I got packed and went to the buffet for a big coffee...much needed. I checked out into 33c heat - AUGH. Yuck. Got to the airport early to avoid any problems and checked in. Now, sitting at the UrbanCrave bar and grill waiting for a flight to San Fran. Heineken and football in the States. Perfect.

I made a little pal in my very delayed flight to San Francisco. A young German mother and her toddler son were sitting near me in the gate and he seemed to always smile when I smiled at him. He had blonde spiked hair and was so cute. They were sitting in front of me on the flight. Obviously fussy on the flight, he kept peeking over at me and reaching his hand out. I let him play hand tag with me.
Beside me, a student of The Lord, Jesus Christ, holding his rosary and crossing himself during the take off. I guess once the cabin doors are closed, it's the only real time I feel at ease. Once we were in the air, the German mom had to use the bathroom and asked me to hold him. He was so cute and a bit squirmy but we looked at a magazine and he was fine. She said he never slept on the 11 hour flight from Germany. Hopefully he gets tired. I guess my mom instincts exude from me.

As the flight landed, there were loads of people looking for their connecting flights. Funny thing is my gate was exactly the same. So now I wonder why we need to get off. Yah I guess for security. I didn't have to go through a security check this time, though. About to take off to home....though. About to take off to home....

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