Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 3: Worry, Get Outta Here

San Diego on the Trolley. 

Well here I am on the Blue Line to American Plaza Station on my way to downtown San Diego. This is like the Skytrain running along the highway to town. There are the mass mix of nationalities and mental states on this train, a 'schizie' character talking to himself and others sitting on the steps to the exit doors. My tummy has some food and coffee. It's hot today and very clear. I did get sun burnt in the parts of my back I couldn't reach. I'm slathered in sunscreen and my knee is a bit sore but off I go :).

Back from San Diego. Toured the marina and the Big Bay first. Loads of tall ships, yacht cruises, tourists, homeless hogging shady spots. Man its hot. Walked to Seaport Village, which was a little tourist-y but nice, like Granville Island.

I kept walking to the Hilton and past Petco Field. By then I was sure I was sun burnt. My knees and feet were throbbing. So I came back on the trolley. Lovely coming back, every aroma masking the smell of sweat. 

When I came back I wanted to go to Taco El Gordo but every time I walk by its packed and my feet were hurting. I remembered a store up the street and I wanted to check out the running shoes. They had a pair of sweet Nikes, like Vans, but not in my size. Booooo.

Was still hungry so I went to Pollo Loco and had a big chicken bowl with flour tortillas. Avocados taste amazing here.
now I need to rest my feet, pack and think about what I want to do tonight and tomorrow after check out. I have about 3 hours before I go to the airport but I will have my bag in tow.

Here are some pics :)

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