Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 3 part deux: Who Says I Can't Get Stoned

Men are funny here. Came home with a buzz and smile. Apparently confidence trumps make up by far in my eyes. I brought makeup but why? I should throw it out here because I haven't had a problem meeting people, especially guys.
Tonight I met a guy named Sisco, which I found out at the end of the night. Mind you he didn't find out my name until the same time. I had some beer, not cheap after happy hours, and he was watching college football. I saw him eying me looking for a tv with hockey. After another beer he asked me which college football team I was cheering for and I said none. The canadian gate opened, hence the conversation.
So we discussed canada vs usa, my stay, travel and my lack of travel, our jobs, our ages (he was shocked at my age and I was surprised at his - 40 - he looked 32). Then he started saying friends were on him about not settling into a family life. I told him to not settle and not expect a perfect mate. He then started telling of the area, "Chula Juana". He wantes to take me to mexico and I followed with " donley show?" He laughed so much and then denied it but said its true. Lol. Then he wanted to take me to vegas. Then he saw my Eiffel tower on my purse and said " let's go to paris".
I had 3 beers $22 later without tax and tip. We left and he offered a ride, obviously no - regardless of 'stranger danger' he was drinking and driving - but I gave him my business card and we hugged. He was sweet.
Surrounded by 21 year olds, I was only being me. No surprise to all to my friends but hey, no safety net? Yup I win. WINNING.

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