Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 2: Waiting on the Day

I woke up this morning feeling sleeeeeepy thanks to the guest next door snoring like a banshee. Also, stayed up after my fast food dinner to watch Jimmy Kimmel because John Mayer was a guest on his show. Went downstairs for the free buffet breakfast and coffee.fter eating, I planned my morning excursion of walking down to Chula Vista . A great idea and good distance walk, similar to walking the seawall. The wildlife were not abundant but what I saw was definitely different than what I'm used to in Vancity. Hummingbirds, lizards, white herons, hawks to name a few. Loads of hummingbirds.

Back from my walk, I'm not sun burnt as it is sunny and warm, I am headed for the nearby mall. I will ask the concierge about transport to the concert, to and from, for later. 

At the mall I saw nothing in  t that caught my eye. Pretty much . . The like Metrotowne but all outside, prices weren't much different than Vancouver so I opted to go in to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Happy hour was okay but $5 pints aren't that cheap. The bar on the otherhand was HUGE and I can only imagine how packed it gets on Saturday and Sunday for College and NFL football. Met a guy born in Chula Vista, Albert, of Mexican decent of course, who was going to the concert with his son. He offered a ride to and from and we exchanged numbers. He suggested to head down to the Gaslamp district on the Trolley and walk to the marina in San Diego. 

Well, I'm at the concert. Just saw Phillip Phillips. Opted on the cab ride vs a ride from a Chula Vistan I met in Buffalo Wild Wings today while I ate my lunch. They are setting up on stage for John Mayer. This outdoor venue is amazing. It smells of Southern Bbq and the sky is filled with stars. Pretty awesome. It is definitely a night where 'the man loses his balls' as there are two couples on either side of me and definitely around me everywhere. Buying their girl a ticket to see John Mayer is a 'guarantee' for sure. Of course, the obligatory John Mayer fangirls running around dressed scantily, looking for their 'Johnny boy'. No wifi so no live posts here. This is just a draft. The cabbie was so nice. I hope I find the corner I'm supposed to meet him at. Yikes. I've survived so far so....

The concert was incredible. John Mayer created an atmosphere of beauty with the backdrop of a photos of The Grand Canyon, all his own photography, with a interactive computerized stary sky. The sky would change with every song, changing seasons from summer, and ending with summer again. The music jumped all over his repetoire of 15 years, pleasing every age group. As he is known to be similar to James Brown with his guitar solos, he strayed away from the endless barage of sounds, and chose to play more songs. He strayed way off his preplanned setlist which made me very happy, surprising all his fans instead. He also, humbly thanked his supporters, comparing himself to part of their wardrobe that has never been tossed out in 15 years; he likened himself to a white v-neck t-shirt, always a constant.

My favourite song of the evening was (Alive in the) Age of Worry, kind of an apprpriate theme song for me, lol. The crowd was filled with every age group, older and younger than me. Screaming girls? YES. Screaming hooting guys? Ummm WAY MORE! I was definitely surprised by the straight guys freaking out behind me! The last hour of the concert , the temperature dropped and everyone began to bundle up. I could see my breath during the last 5 songs! While walking out, I picked up a t-shirt from the concert, fighting through the fangirls. The guy that was selling them kept rolling his eyes at them as they took forever choosing the right one. He thanked me for being quick and winked and smiled. Ha ha. 

The concert ended at just after 11pm and the traffic was insane, police, fire engines, ambulances everywhere. My cabbie drove by me and I had to call him to get him to back. I'm sure my phone will be dinged. Got home at midnight and was up later, still shivering from the cold. Posted some video and pics like below of the concert. The guests next door may have been at the concert, as The John Mayer Effect had them screaming and banging the headboard twice before passing out. Haha.

he mall 

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