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Day 4: On the Way Home

I woke up with a lingering Heineken draft headache after waking up 3 times in the night. Last night was the quietest night in the hotel. No snoring, no loud music, and no heated moaning. So why wake up so much? Anticipation of leaving I guess. So, slowly I got packed and went to the buffet for a big coffee...much needed. I checked out into 33c heat - AUGH. Yuck. Got to the airport early to avoid any problems and checked in. Now, sitting at the UrbanCrave bar and grill waiting for a flight to San Fran. Heineken and football in the States. Perfect.
I made a little pal in my very delayed flight to San Francisco. A young German mother and her toddler son were sitting near me in the gate and he seemed to always smile when I smiled at him. He had blonde spiked hair and was so cute. They were sitting in front of me on the flight. Obviously fussy on the flight, he kept peeking over at me and reaching his hand out. I let him play hand tag with me.
Beside me, a student of The Lord, Jesus Chris…

Day 1: Queen of California

I spent the last two days in a state if worry.  In July, I was presented with an amazing gift from my workplace. After spending my hours creating a new menu with my kitchen family, building a new set of kitchen crew, and slowly preening my 'mini me' to be me, the owner of the restaurant presented me with an excursion, to cut the cord and let the place run alone. A trip to San Diego to see my favourite artist in concert was in an envelope.  I would never in a million years dream of buying a ticket never mind have the cash for such a trip. You see, I have not been the best with money, generally limiting my world by building my nest at home, while the world passed by. The worry of bills and my bank account always was planted square in my way. The last few days have been tough, realizing this trip is creating more worry than excitement. I tried to release some locked away money a have stashed away in a padlocked, armoured guard protected vault. The bank said, no, with no real opt…

Day 3 part deux: Who Says I Can't Get Stoned

Men are funny here. Came home with a buzz and smile. Apparently confidence trumps make up by far in my eyes. I brought makeup but why? I should throw it out here because I haven't had a problem meeting people, especially guys. Tonight I met a guy named Sisco, which I found out at the end of the night. Mind you he didn't find out my name until the same time. I had some beer, not cheap after happy hours, and he was watching college football. I saw him eying me looking for a tv with hockey. After another beer he asked me which college football team I was cheering for and I said none. The canadian gate opened, hence the conversation. So we discussed canada vs usa, my stay, travel and my lack of travel, our jobs, our ages (he was shocked at my age and I was surprised at his - 40 - he looked 32). Then he started saying friends were on him about not settling into a family life. I told him to not settle and not expect a perfect mate. He then started telling of the area, "Chula …

Day 3: Worry, Get Outta Here

San Diego on the Trolley.  Well here I am on the Blue Line to American Plaza Station on my way to downtown San Diego. This is like the Skytrain running along the highway to town. There are the mass mix of nationalities and mental states on this train, a 'schizie' character talking to himself and others sitting on the steps to the exit doors. My tummy has some food and coffee. It's hot today and very clear. I did get sun burnt in the parts of my back I couldn't reach. I'm slathered in sunscreen and my knee is a bit sore but off I go :).Back from San Diego. Toured the marina and the Big Bay first. Loads of tall ships, yacht cruises, tourists, homeless hogging shady spots. Man its hot. Walked to Seaport Village, which was a little tourist-y but nice, like Granville Island. I kept walking to the Hilton and past Petco Field. By then I was sure I was sun burnt. My knees and feet were throbbing. So I came back on the trolley. Lovely coming back, every aroma masking the sm…