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Happy New Year 2013

Well, time has passed since the last mortifying incident at my local. Sometimes I think this place is more trouble than good. Thanks to the offerings they bring, my wallet is depleted and my belt is running out of holes to hold up my jeans.

The folks with which I had a run in last week, have gotten a few nasty words from my side. Also the management here have treated me with nothing but respect, understand that I am of the same industry and have no desire to raise a ruckus over the drunken antics of a loser patron.

It is a new year and I was jolted alive with disturbing news from a friend that he is in hospital, open heart surgery to be done in a few days. Luckily he is in good spirits and always the relaxed happy-go-lucky personality, taking it in stride, keeping me relaxed while he sends me texts as if he were at home in his lay-z-boy. I glance across the bar at the people that made me feel so inadequate as a human being and wonder why the good people always end up with the shitty …