Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Friday Night

It's funny how Friday night can pop up on you, not in the calendar kinda way, but in the excitement of the whole world sayin' "hey it's Friday, let's have fun!" I am of that bunch, trying to have the fun we all are told to have. Society says on Friday we can relax, go out and let loose. Well, I was ready for that but of course, working the next day, throbbing in the back of my mind, and still yet at noon, has become a bit of a damper.

The night has been like every "amateur drinking holiday", like Halloween, New Years Eve, etc. To me Friday night is just another night, where it starts off strong and dwindles to a quiet roar. If you have a second wind you can ride the tide with the late comers, but this is like sex with a guy with erectile disfunction... You never can depend on a good time.

So I arrive, ready for some fun and, yes, it started out great, fun people, fun times. Now, the lull resting in the decision to stay has brought me into the onion skin level of under ground here, where locals show up a bit tipsy, if not drunk, with their opinions on there sleeve, like the brightest parrot, sitting on the shoulder of a pirate. This conversation is awkward, at times, groaningly awful mostly, but still entertaining. Perhaps a view into the future for me or in fact a mirror. In some ways, being an employee looks more exciting than this side of the bar.

So, while at this other living room, I was enlightened by a simple kiss "goodbye". A former suitor, whom is still a friend, was in enjoying the evening and preparing for a dinner date with someone. He seemed more interested in my attention than going to dinner until his stomach was eating him. He made his way out, purposely, I think, leaving a long wet kiss on my cheek.

Now, after a bit of libation, possibly rubbing an old regular the wrong way, I patiently listen to the conversation and realize he is up for a fight, as usual, always looking to stir the shit. Always up for a challenge I attempted a conversation but to no avail, it was pointless, as his mind had been set in his own stone surroundings. Being very much uncomfortable in the new atmosphere of a renovated bar, the new look of the room, and damper of the staff, this alien room has put him on edge. In return, I am so happy to know never to burn a bridge and support the place that is your other living room. His

I digress, yet not, as Friday is a chaotic mix of regulars and newbies enjoying the same space. I enjoy the comfort of the familiar, but, this place is in a crossroads, and I tend to stay on the track of the change, enjoying the metamorphosis. Others come in to "enjoy" it yet they place their judgement on their sleeve... Sigh.

In the end, I am here, out and not inside. The rain continues and the darkness is still enveloping us all. I see it all and stand back watching, like a live drama, never ending.

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