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Another Friday Night

It's funny how Friday night can pop up on you, not in the calendar kinda way, but in the excitement of the whole world sayin' "hey it's Friday, let's have fun!" I am of that bunch, trying to have the fun we all are told to have. Society says on Friday we can relax, go out and let loose. Well, I was ready for that but of course, working the next day, throbbing in the back of my mind, and still yet at noon, has become a bit of a damper.

The night has been like every "amateur drinking holiday", like Halloween, New Years Eve, etc. To me Friday night is just another night, where it starts off strong and dwindles to a quiet roar. If you have a second wind you can ride the tide with the late comers, but this is like sex with a guy with erectile disfunction... You never can depend on a good time.

So I arrive, ready for some fun and, yes, it started out great, fun people, fun times. Now, the lull resting in the decision to stay has brought me into the onion…

Autumn Doldrums

Where did the daylight go? The sun is setting earlier every day and it is making me a bit sluggish. All I want to do is sleep and eat. I understand the natural winter preparation all animals do as the weather gets colder and there is less sunlight. I have managed to gain 10lbs without even noticing. I know why the weight has piled on, and every excuse under the sun (or rather, clouds) will not make me thinner.

I am obviously and unknowingly fattening up for the winter, fully ready for hibernation. In actual fact, my days off have been something similar of the sort, staying indoors, warm and dry, avoiding the fresh air, inevitably paired with cloud bursts and continuous downpours. Looking outside at the dreary weather would make anyone pull the covers back over their head. I was so used to my 2 hour walks around the seawall, enjoying the different wildlife and foliage in Stanley Park. This lack of sunlight and drab weather has chased me indoors, away from my usual routine. My jeans ar…