Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Sabbatical: Day Two

I woke today, with sun on my face and my cat purring near my ear. The end of Day One was anti-dramatic but included a finalization of one obstacle in my life. I called it quits with the guy I met recently, towing his baggage behind him. I realized this guy had taken me off course and was distracting me. He made his bed of nails, each point jabbing in his back like a multitude of his self-made problems poking his replicated voodoo doll. Now he needs to remove each porcupine needle out one by one, on his own. There is no way to form a relationship, albeit, friends, starting with a lie. I have no time for this in my life and believe that I tell the truth and have based my character on telling it like it is. He will not be part of my inner circle because of his lying. Had I known he was lying all this time, I would have never continued on that wrong dead end path. He has turned to the Lord now for help, and I hope those ladies at bible study are prepared for this selfish being to infiltrate their lives. "Praise Jesus" - his last texts were to me. Sigh.

After that I slept like a baby, and woke to see a couple of texts, thinking it was him. Luckily it wasn't but from a friend who quit from his job suddenly to move on to better horizons. He wanted to let me know and told me where he was working. I was sad to here he had left the ole watering hole, but in actual fact, he was one of the last surviving staff after the inane renovations and management decisions literally left the pub a vacuous room. Its no wonder there aren't tumbleweeds blowing around in there. He was smart to jump ship before it went down completely. We sent each other texts for a bit and then he was off to work.

I knew today was a clean house kinda day. Clean house, clear mind. So I proceeded with laundry, cleaning my whole apartment and then tackle some unfinished paperwork. All that done by 2pm I have been dawdling around, chatting with some pals. The sun is still shining now so I'm gonna hit the rest of the rays now. 

Day 2 so far so good.

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