Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Off: WTF?

Well, it's my first Saturday off in what seems like a century. So, of course, I wake up at 7am. Not a surprise considering I've woken up at 6:30am or earlier forever on the weekends. I have a plans today but I still needed to pop in to see if the troops are 'killing it'. Now I'm off to breakie with a chum to see another chum at his new job. Then I'll shop around for some special bowls and a new mandolin for work.


Well I accomplished my goals today with ease, finding the bowls for our new brunch menu at work, a new mandolin at work, and added bonus avocado slicer and a new duvet set (on sale), after going for brunch. It's 4pm now and I'm gonna hit the seawall for some music in the park. There is a huge concert at Brockton Oval ( with a bunch of musical bigwigs. I figure listening to it from the seawall might be possible???

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