Sabbatical: Day Three

The leaves on the trees are change colour and the autumn air have arrived, along with less stressful work days. The crowds have disappeared, there is a slight crisp bite in the air and the patio is less popular until mid-day, when the sun is at it's hottest. The huge to-do-lists are not so overwhelming, while there is the aura of the labour ghost haunting us every second the clock ticks. This is the time of the year that is most unpredictable. You never know when the restaurant could get busy, usual in short slams and then it settles to a few customers again.

It was nice to see the new fryers purchased after another equipment failure occurred earlier this week. No point in fixing a defunct frying unit. Two shiny new fryers installed and running by 10:30am ready for the first crisp order of hash browns to be deep fried. As I worked, it felt better to clear my mind over the past few incidents in my days - my work schedule and the "fired" friend removed from my dance card. Talking always clears the muddled tangle of information in my mind. In the end, I feel like I am back on the right path, less emotional and steady on my feet.

After work, I picked up a shwarma sandwich, a juice and some newspapers with crosswords and headed to the beach for a little sunshine and music (iPod), dinner and puzzles. After an hour I wandered to the grocery store for some food to put in my fridge. I enjoy my time on the seawall regardless if almost every time I go, my peace is interrupted by a strange man commenting on something about me - either trying to pick me up or just being weird. Last night it was balanced. A guy in a canoe paddled up and asked me if I would be there for a bit. He wanted to get some food on Denman Street, and he was nice and asked if I was hungry. I said no but he returned 40 minutes later with a can of Coke for me anyways. Nice. The opposite happened while he was gone. Some older man (60+) came up to me to comment how I should watch the sunset and not read the paper. He also commented on how he got to meet a beautiful woman while the sun set. If he wasn't so creepy and didn't startle me while I was listening to music with my earphones, I may have not been put off, although any of these approaches will put me off after the last guy in my life.

Now, I am writing about my day and look forward to my couple of hours of reading before bed, as I did yesterday. Currently I'm finishing American On Purpose by Craig Ferguson. It is fantastic. I have filled my TV watching with TMZ (why are they so funny on that show?) and an episode of Coronation Street (the only soap I watch). Waiting for Big Brother while my dinner cooks in the oven, I am watching the MTV VMAs trying to enjoy the screaming of the youth while pop stars lip sync their songs. In some ways I am glad I'm not young in these times. It was way simpler way back in my younger years.


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