Sabbatical: Day Five

This headache has been hounding me for two days now. Yesterday after work it started and I thought it was from dehydration. Nope, hydrated to the point of feeling drowned, I then thought it might be from my damn neck/stress problem. I was at the chiropractor and massage therapist for a year and I finally got rid of the numbness in my fingers. This was a year and a half ago and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the issue. The headache continued at night and I took some Advil before bed. When I woke up it was still lingering and as I continued working today it became a small migraine. Not the best feeling, working in a kitchen that is 110F. I drank loads of liquids and still couldn't fight it. At one point I was just struggling to get through my shift, quiet and focused on the shift itself. 

Then it clicked. I remember this happening before and I tried it again. I asked a server to be so kind and make me an ice coffee as I had a migraine and I thought it might be from detox after not having a sip of caffeine in a few days. Well, it slowly brought me back to a level state. By the time I had left work my headache was just a mere tap in my head. It's funny how I haven't had a drink in 5 days and haven't suffered physically, except for the mere loneliness of not hanging with my chums at the watering hole, but without coffee I am debilitated to a mere pile of mush. 

Well, I even turned down a tryst with my FB tonight, as he has returned from his job in Alberta for his son's birthday. We will meet up but I wanted to not be "off" with a possible repeat of today. He was okay with it understanding that I, too, have a life. I really want to see him, even if he and I don't "hook up", because we have fun together no matter what we do. He and I are like two peas in a pod sometimes. I wonder if the time apart will make a difference on our friendship. I wonder if being on the wagon will turn him on or off? LOL. Time will tell. I will be seeing him tomorrow or Monday. 

Now, time for some reading and bed. My last Sunday shift is tomorrow and if it is anything like today, it'll be busy. No need for being tired.... 


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