Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Silence Everyone

For some people, days off are spent catching up on chores. Others fill their spare hours with athletic activities. Some visit family or spend time with friends. I love spending my days off listening to music and enjoying the sights on the seawall. Relaxing is the key. Today I walked around Stanley Park via the seawall, resting my mind, body and soul, listening to my most recent favorite album, Born and Raised by John Mayer. After a whirlwind of a week at work, I always save some of my hours outside of my high stress job for the seawall. I prescribe it for myself as a needed stress reliever. 

 I know I have a load of friends that fill my heart with joy and happiness. I enjoy this quirky group of pals, regardless of the unwanted attention I sometimes receive. Once and awhile some take my friendliness as signs of affection, which in return creates some awkward situations. I have been a participant in the unrequited love scenario too many times. It never ends well, knowing from experience. Never one to notice the staring gaze of potential courters, I have probably missed out on many live affairs. Perhaps I haven't missed a thing. I always say, if it was meant to be, it will be.

 Today I recharged in my usual way, and had sushi for dinner. After eating I decided to pop in to the bar to see some folks. I wanted to wait until  later because then all the riff raff will have gone home, buzzed and rowdy. I sauntered in only to be overwhelmed with unwanted attention coming from everywhere!!! I tried to ride the wave but one dart after another hit my unprepared relaxed state, causing me to move to a quieter part of the bar, alone. I am not always one to want the attention, especially sober, unlike many of my counterparts.  Was it a bad choice to come into the bar after such a beautiful relaxing day? Perhaps. Did I overreact? Surrounded by inebriated people, smothering me on my quiet day, was not what I wanted. I moved after being fed up with it. Do I need to apologize? No. Do I need these people to understand that I'm not the center of their attention? Nope.

 Just walk away. 

 Please people, silence. Jen McIntyre | Create your badge

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