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Silence Everyone

For some people, days off are spent catching up on chores. Others fill their spare hours with athletic activities. Some visit family or spend time with friends. I love spending my days off listening to music and enjoying the sights on the seawall. Relaxing is the key. Today I walked around Stanley Park via the seawall, resting my mind, body and soul, listening to my most recent favorite album, Born and Raised by John Mayer. After a whirlwind of a week at work, I always save some of my hours outside of my high stress job for the seawall. I prescribe it for myself as a needed stress reliever. 

 I know I have a load of friends that fill my heart with joy and happiness. I enjoy this quirky group of pals, regardless of the unwanted attention I sometimes receive. Once and awhile some take my friendliness as signs of affection, which in return creates some awkward situations. I have been a participant in the unrequited love scenario too many times. It never ends well, knowing from experience…