Is Hank Moody Goin Down This Season On 'Californication'?

The whole premise of the show is around Hank and his inability to accept the consequences of his actions. We love him because he is this person we wanna be at times - irresponsible. But this time the arrow hit hard and deep. Will Carrie's harsh but psychotically passionate words roll off Hank's exterior, as he just shrugs off the pain like drops of rain. That raincoat named Karen and Becca doesn't seem to be so waterproof anymore.

Hank seems to influence everyone in his inner circle. Charlie is his best friend, and when we were first introduced to him, he was an anchor for Hank, getting him out of jams and smoothing over the rough patches. As we all know, bad behavior is learned through attention, whether it be bad or good. Charlie's little happy marriage with Marcy started failing because if the attention Charlie got from hanging out and acting like Hank. It never seems to be either of their fault when the plot turns down a bad path, with the excuse of 'it just happened' or 'I don't understand women'. The inner circle Hank relies on to ground himself, has broken up and isn't as strong as it was, obviously of his own doing. His safety net is full of holes and he may be down a similar road to his demise. He may not be saved from drowning this time.

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