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Is Hank Moody Goin Down This Season On 'Californication'?

The whole premise of the show is around Hank and his inability to accept the consequences of his actions. We love him because he is this person we wanna be at times - irresponsible. But this time the arrow hit hard and deep. Will Carrie's harsh but psychotically passionate words roll off Hank's exterior, as he just shrugs off the pain like drops of rain. That raincoat named Karen and Becca doesn't seem to be so waterproof anymore.
Hank seems to influence everyone in his inner circle. Charlie is his best friend, and when we were first introduced to him, he was an anchor for Hank, getting him out of jams and smoothing over the rough patches. As we all know, bad behavior is learned through attention, whether it be bad or good. Charlie's little happy marriage with Marcy started failing because if the attention Charlie got from hanging out and acting like Hank. It never seems to be either of their fault when the plot turns down a bad path, with the excuse of 'it just hap…

Where Is My Hank Moody?

I'm not looking. I always say, looking, expecting, pushing the issue, will come to nothing in the alien land of love. I have had a recent overdose of one man, albeit a fictional character, but he has managed to pinpoint certain past and present experiences in my life. I have stayed consistent in my love affairs, always a most obvious flaw in the material that makes each man an attraction to no end. Always the damaged material to keep me sufficiently entertained. The fictional character is Hank Moody of Californication craze, the role immortalized by David Duchovny, a flawed character himself. It has been questionable whether he is even acting, reports of his sexual addiction broadcasted on every page of the Internet and garbage celebrity tabloid. 
I recently watched every episode, 50 episodes in less that a week, encompassing myself within the glitz, glamor, and insanity of a world so opposite than my own. The warm feeling of entering the world of this character was pure escapism, …

Let It Snow

Winter has finally arrived in Van-city, chilling the tip of each nose, filling the air with mist with every breath. The past few days have threatened the hint of snow, and everyone is in preparation, bundled up in their parkas and fur lined hoods, scarves billowing out around their heads.  I have even put a pair of toe warmers in my shoes to keep my toes from freezing. The news cast was speaking of "snow-mageddon", possibly to create possible havoc amongst its viewers.
I woke up this morning, surprised to see a thin shimmering sheet of snow everywhere. I wasn't expecting the snow, missing the forecast, and simply trusting the various internet weather sites, all predicting differing weather patterns. My first glimpse of the gleaming bed outside gave me a warmth inside that I used to get when I was a child. Being Vancouverites, we seldom see snow, and whenever it appears, the city changes immediately. Of course the appearance of Vancouver becomes magical, being used to our …


Welcome 2012!
The new year had begun and, although it seems like just another day to me, there is always a desire to change. Yes, I know, it is so unlike me to be a 'sheeple', following the crowds, copying the trends and waves of fads. I never make resolutions because it is a direct line to failure, but I have a desire to change it up a bit. I have to admit, I am becoming more and more bitter in my slowly diminishing life and look at the people around me, wondering if I will be that old bitty bitching about the price of bananas, telling the same old stories over and over again to the same old faces - their attention span gone in seconds, as the story begins, their focus drifting to another shiny item to entertain the droning sound from my lips. This how I am some days with the folks around me in my place of relaxation. I swear I don't want to be that.

I do have to open myself up and enjoy some affection. I have had quite a few years of bad man choices in my life. I can't…