Monday, September 19, 2011

Moods and Broods

Sunshine finally hit my face in the morning as I pulled myself out of my bed, knowing this wouldn't happen very often in my morning ritual. Autumn 2011 has enveloped Vancouver, the sun rising later every day. Soon I will be missing every ray of sunshine, working indoors. The morning was a bit chilly and, in turn, I get to wear all of my fun jackets and boots I missed over the hot sunny days of summer. Fashion change thank god. Not soon enough.

So I put on my Dr. Martens and Roxy jacket, I looked in the mirror and was in a good mood, admiring my decision of wardrobe. Off to work and enjoyed an average day with my coworkers. After work, my Friday night, I decided to visit the watering hole I always frequent. Once I walked in I realized I was pretty tired from my week of work and fun. A few visits from a 'friend' in my apartment was exciting and rejuvinating yet also a bit draining, considering I was working the whole week. Sometimes everyone needs a friend with benefits, and hopefully it continues.

I do have the ability to exude an aroma to attract exactly the opposite of what I actually want. My collection of 'what went wrong' situations, can be written on the many pages of an empty journal. There are people I have had words with and others I wish to just not get into conversations with at the bar. I came in to the bar in a good mood, styling my fall digs, and immediately I realized my mood was not what it appeared. Normally if I recognize the twinges I know to sit in a small booth by the window. So I sit at the bar and it's all fine as I do my iPod 'dealings'. Well, in no time my 'stalker' comes in to 5 empty seats around me. We have had our words and I have no patience for the insanity. So he chooses a seat right beside me. Great. Brood #1 takes my mood from sea level to dipping under the waves.

Of course, I have every choice in seating, and have made moves that confuse all of the people around me but sometimes when I make the move I end up making more of a spectacle of myself when I just want to hide. This time I moved from 'the stalker' to a cling on from a friend's previous relationship. So great and I guess now I'm considered a bitch by sticking the hand up in his face pretty much. He's now sitting with my 'stalker'.

Now my Broods have made my mood undersea with Spongebob Squarepants. I just got a text from my 'friend' and it enabled me to get some air in my lungs.
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