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Moods and Broods

Sunshine finally hit my face in the morning as I pulled myself out of my bed, knowing this wouldn't happen very often in my morning ritual. Autumn 2011 has enveloped Vancouver, the sun rising later every day. Soon I will be missing every ray of sunshine, working indoors. The morning was a bit chilly and, in turn, I get to wear all of my fun jackets and boots I missed over the hot sunny days of summer. Fashion change thank god. Not soon enough.

So I put on my Dr. Martens and Roxy jacket, I looked in the mirror and was in a good mood, admiring my decision of wardrobe. Off to work and enjoyed an average day with my coworkers. After work, my Friday night, I decided to visit the watering hole I always frequent. Once I walked in I realized I was pretty tired from my week of work and fun. A few visits from a 'friend' in my apartment was exciting and rejuvinating yet also a bit draining, considering I was working the whole week. Sometimes everyone needs a friend with benefits, and…

Instant Gratification

The candy store at the end of the street where I grew up was like heaven to me as a child. With just a few coins in my pocket I could buy anything in that price range, placing the biggest smile on my face from ear to ear. The sugary sweet candy melting in my mouth like a scene from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Better yet, when I was older I was still attracted to that sweet sinful delight, traveling weekly to a candy store filled with every flavor under the sun, from licorice to jelly beans, chocolate to marzipan, the room was like the dizzying effect of making a cotton candy puffball on a cone. Welch's, on the corner of Granville and Broadway, was every child's dream, big round eyes peering through the display cases at the colorful treats waiting to be placed delicately on their tongues. 
That was definitely the first perfect example of instant gratification. I'm an adult now and the years have wrinkled me and my direct route to gratification. It doesn't happen…