Sunday, July 10, 2011

Enjoy the Silence

Sunday. This day is many things to so many people. To me it is a curse word. I always work on Sundays and it is the opposite of what people think Syndays are all about. For many people, Sunday is a day to enjoy family and friends, outings including a meal, brunch often, and I am that person that cooks the so-called brunch for multitudes
of people. Let's say, having a Sunday is foreign to me, and I would never know what to do with myself.

On that note, I did not have the day off today, Sunday July 10. I did have a break from cooking eggs, as my cooks decided they were into leading the brunch chaos. I was pleased to see them cook brunch with the ease and eagerness of new employees. They proved to me I can take a day off. Unfortunately, I was swamped with prep and dishes and ordering and chaos cleanup. I was run off my feet with a very perfect example of my abilities at extreme juggling. Never amount to stop, playing catch up continually all day, eventually my mind began to falter. By the end of the day, I was ecstatic about leaving the building, even with the many thank yous from my collegues, supporting them from the base, keeping the ship moving forward without a shudder from the hull of the Brunch Liner.

Now that I am off my feet, in a different atmosphere, sipping a Strongbow, I realize how exhausted I become from the summer heat and busy restaurant kitchen. Regardless, the sound of bluesy jazz and private seating by the window of my favourite watering hole, relaxes me. I have silenced the work day stress and closed off the sometimes bothersome folk with whom I usually sit. Watching the world move by me outside the slightly stained window, I enjoy my own piece of silence, similar to my jaunts around the seawall.

The city is it's busiest in my neighbourhood on Sundays, but I can sit and enjoy the silence of my mind. Recharge for another day.

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