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The Internet and Technology.... Is It Desensitizing Society?

Waking up to the smell of coffee brewing, the sun kissing my eyelids and my cat purring in my ear, are all tangible, tactile experiences that everyone understands and comprehends. The smell of the sea air, seeing a harbour seal in the bay, hearing seagulls screeching overhead while a bald eagle soars by my apartment; events involving the senses. It amazes me how I can be so lazy one day, watching TV all day while the sun shines down on a city so often drenched with rainfall and grey clouds.

A week ago today, the city was alive, the hunger for a Stanley Cup in Vancouver so strong we could all feel the cool silver trophy on our pursed lips, as we kiss the engraved cup. The streets filled with a sea of blue and green jerseys, bars filled with a happy excited fans, helicopters overseeing the street parties; the jewel of BC alive with Olympic spirit again. There was an uneasy thread in the back of every one's mind, a touch of nervous excitement; worries of the team losing its chance to …