Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happiness is a Warm Hand

The hand is an amazing part of the body that is the key to human intelligence. The opposable thumb makes the homo sapien hand have the ability to grip objects and tools like mo other animal, manipulating small objects to create a multitude of things, from artworks and music to computers and smartphones. The hand also is used to hold with other hands, walking with children and friends. Hand holding, interlacing the fingers, is a symbol of affection and love; the first outward sign of a romantic relationship between two people.

I have found a hand to hold, strong and always warm, and this person who owns this hand has the same characteristics. His warmth and strength have made me love him and I don't want to let his hand go. He has warmed my heart and strengthened my positivity. He has made me happy, and that is not something I admit to often.

Warm hands equal happiness. :)
Jen McIntyre | Create your badge
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