Thank You Bella

Today is a day of gratitude. A wonderful woman named simply Bella, gave more than she will ever know. She not only gave me a new friend in her daughter, Jeanette, a new sense of being in myself, but also an ability to gather family and strangers together to celebrate her life. Bella passed away early this morning in the comforting surroundings of the Palliative Care ward in Vancouver General Hospital. Because of her I shed a tear today.

Because of Bella, I was fortunate enough to meet her eldest child, her daughter, from whom I learned new depths of patience and strength. Meeting her almost every day after work not only eased her stress and pain but also gave her a chance to share and laugh. I believe I not only helped her but she helped me during the past three weeks.

I learned of the strength of this woman, the ability to carry a family through the saddest of times, holding her brothers hands, while staying strong for her mother. Her stoic height a testament to her strength, pride, love, and patience she has for her family and friends. Little does Jeanette know how much she affected me during her trying times here in Vancouver. I hope I can continue to be the person I was with her, and grow into a smidgen of what she is today.

Thank you Bella for raising such a beautiful and strong woman, and for allowing me to be part of her life for a moment in time. Thank you.
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