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Moods and Broods

Sunshine finally hit my face in the morning as I pulled myself out of my bed, knowing this wouldn't happen very often in my morning ritual. Autumn 2011 has enveloped Vancouver, the sun rising later every day. Soon I will be missing every ray of sunshine, working indoors. The morning was a bit chilly and, in turn, I get to wear all of my fun jackets and boots I missed over the hot sunny days of summer. Fashion change thank god. Not soon enough.

So I put on my Dr. Martens and Roxy jacket, I looked in the mirror and was in a good mood, admiring my decision of wardrobe. Off to work and enjoyed an average day with my coworkers. After work, my Friday night, I decided to visit the watering hole I always frequent. Once I walked in I realized I was pretty tired from my week of work and fun. A few visits from a 'friend' in my apartment was exciting and rejuvinating yet also a bit draining, considering I was working the whole week. Sometimes everyone needs a friend with benefits, and…

Instant Gratification

The candy store at the end of the street where I grew up was like heaven to me as a child. With just a few coins in my pocket I could buy anything in that price range, placing the biggest smile on my face from ear to ear. The sugary sweet candy melting in my mouth like a scene from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Better yet, when I was older I was still attracted to that sweet sinful delight, traveling weekly to a candy store filled with every flavor under the sun, from licorice to jelly beans, chocolate to marzipan, the room was like the dizzying effect of making a cotton candy puffball on a cone. Welch's, on the corner of Granville and Broadway, was every child's dream, big round eyes peering through the display cases at the colorful treats waiting to be placed delicately on their tongues. 
That was definitely the first perfect example of instant gratification. I'm an adult now and the years have wrinkled me and my direct route to gratification. It doesn't happen…

Enjoy the Silence

Sunday. This day is many things to so many people. To me it is a curse word. I always work on Sundays and it is the opposite of what people think Syndays are all about. For many people, Sunday is a day to enjoy family and friends, outings including a meal, brunch often, and I am that person that cooks the so-called brunch for multitudes
of people. Let's say, having a Sunday is foreign to me, and I would never know what to do with myself.

On that note, I did not have the day off today, Sunday July 10. I did have a break from cooking eggs, as my cooks decided they were into leading the brunch chaos. I was pleased to see them cook brunch with the ease and eagerness of new employees. They proved to me I can take a day off. Unfortunately, I was swamped with prep and dishes and ordering and chaos cleanup. I was run off my feet with a very perfect example of my abilities at extreme juggling. Never amount to stop, playing catch up continually all day, eventually my mind began to falter. B…

The Internet and Technology.... Is It Desensitizing Society?

Waking up to the smell of coffee brewing, the sun kissing my eyelids and my cat purring in my ear, are all tangible, tactile experiences that everyone understands and comprehends. The smell of the sea air, seeing a harbour seal in the bay, hearing seagulls screeching overhead while a bald eagle soars by my apartment; events involving the senses. It amazes me how I can be so lazy one day, watching TV all day while the sun shines down on a city so often drenched with rainfall and grey clouds.

A week ago today, the city was alive, the hunger for a Stanley Cup in Vancouver so strong we could all feel the cool silver trophy on our pursed lips, as we kiss the engraved cup. The streets filled with a sea of blue and green jerseys, bars filled with a happy excited fans, helicopters overseeing the street parties; the jewel of BC alive with Olympic spirit again. There was an uneasy thread in the back of every one's mind, a touch of nervous excitement; worries of the team losing its chance to …


Everyone likes to ignore or dismiss things in their life they don't like. I try my best to keep moving forward, staying focused on the positive. People or situations in my life that disappoint me or damage my spirit, get physically erased from my brain. I find that I hold a grudge longer than most and find every reason to keep it alive. Perhaps it is a natural defence mechanism, protecting my heart and feelings from being inundated anymore. I get harder and stronger shields every time I am hit with negative  comments or fall out of a relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic. 

I am, or have become, a private person in my older years. Not that I am not social, but the walls go up, in preparation for the hurt even before it happens. There are certain limits to my space that I create, rarely reaching outside of the walls, but rather waiting for a knock on the door of my heavily fortified castle. The unfortunate thing is, I seem to get burned every time I open my heavy door. The…

Laughter is the Best Medicine

So, regardless of my current situation, I have not turned down the dark road of depression. Why should I? I wasn't done wrong but rather made a wrong decision. I could feel sorry for myself and pout, but why? I did no wrong unless giving too much is a bad thing. I unfortunately received little in return. 

Enough of that millisecond of my life. I have filled my time laughing about the matter. The joke is on him, where the whole situation has been ridiculed to death. It seems to be so hilarious that now people are giving me 'the finger' randomly to get a laugh. I woke this morning with sunshine in my eyes and a smile on my face, as I realized those worries were gone. Sure, my cell phone is quiet, no one texting me every hour or so, but I understand those messages were hollow reassurances to keep me around. 

I watch the news of politicians cheating on their wives. My favourite tv show is The Good Wife. I wonder how I could possibly want to trust a man again. I am like an M&a…

Never Bite the Hand That Feeds You

Unfortunately, I am again single, but I also look at it as fortunate. Three months in I was not in too deep, and I could see the light and the entrance of the 'so-called' tunnel of love I rode in on, sitting on the back of a swan with my 'pitbull'. At closer look, I realized the swan was made of cheap plastic, the tunnel was not full of love but greed, and my 'pitbull' was more damaged than ever. Noticing the damage first, I tried to patch the holes with TLC and medical visits, in hopes to partner up and take on his issues as a team. Little did I know that the hole was very deep and widening day by day. In addition, the damage was done so long ago, the scar tissue would never allow the wound to heal.

My Pitbull was not the happy puppy I thought. He was expecting everything but a
partner. He was looking for a mommy, sugar mamma, nurse, and buddy. His world the only experience he knew and a closed mind to anything or anyone else. He did what he wanted and bit wh…

Happiness is a Warm Hand

The hand is an amazing part of the body that is the key to human intelligence. The opposable thumb makes the homo sapien hand have the ability to grip objects and tools like mo other animal, manipulating small objects to create a multitude of things, from artworks and music to computers and smartphones. The hand also is used to hold with other hands, walking with children and friends. Hand holding, interlacing the fingers, is a symbol of affection and love; the first outward sign of a romantic relationship between two people.

I have found a hand to hold, strong and always warm, and this person who owns this hand has the same characteristics. His warmth and strength have made me love him and I don't want to let his hand go. He has warmed my heart and strengthened my positivity. He has made me happy, and that is not something I admit to often.

Warm hands equal happiness. :)
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Betting on the horses is like gambling in online casinos. When you look for o…

Pitbulls and Daisies

Here I am, about to back track on all of my words from my whole life, so sit down, strap on your seat belt, and prepare yourself for a trip through the looking glass at a new alternative look at me. I have been considered an independent woman all my life, wanting to never weaken in any one's sight, I have touted advice off to many of my friends, especially when their hearts are broken or complaining about their men, reminding them that men don't make us weak, they make women strong. My previous relationships have been somewhat successful, especially dating men that are in someways weaker, allowing me to wear the pants. Things have turned upside down, and I have met a man whom is more than willing to wear the pants. In turn, I went from pitbull to daisy in a matter of two weeks. 

I find it incredible that, regardless of all of my fight against Walt Disney and his ingrained cult of Princesses and Princes, that I still can melt into a girlish state when my new guy is around. Regar…