Thursday, December 30, 2010

Neck Pain or Pain in the Neck

The glass grains of the 2010 hourglass have almost completely drained and I look back at the year as everyone does. Watching the television, news shows have been broadcasting many different top events of the year. Weather, sports, news, etc. The most prominent event in my life over the past year has been the damn sore neck and upper back that o have had, it seems, forever.

Yesterday I woke up with pain again. I immediately sighed and rolled my eyes, wondering when this will end. I have been going to the chiropractor and massage therapy religiously and after my last visit I thought I was ready to lengthen my visits to monthly. Regardless, these problems occur once and awhile and generally heal themselves with time.

My only understanding of the situation, using my previous knowledge of sports medicine, is that my neck muscles are not strong enough and when the pain finally subsides, I need to do light exercises to build strength.

Now, I question, if I have had this head for my whole life, why is it that the weight of my skull has managed to increase, thus causing inflammation and pain? I refuse to admit age to be the ultimate culprit although I know I am no longer a young pup. I have also thought that pain is half psychological and half physical. Athletes work through pain all the time, similar to my working while I am sore but then realizing my pain is gone after my shift. Could the increased weight of my head be from trying to force my life to work?

Once I think I have figured out the cause o my neck pain, it returns. Everything from cell phones, bad posture, purse straps, shoes, counter height, stress and looking up shooting eagle photography have been on the list. To no avail the knife jammed in my cervical vertebrae is twisted again in time for New Year's Eve and Day.

Regardless, my neck hurts. Happy New Years.
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