Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Enjoy Your Day Off When You are a Workaholic...

After working day in and day out in a busy restaurant, sweating up a storm over open flame in 30 degree heat, having a day off can be a foreign situation. When the drama of the day is multiplied by 100 during the summer thanks to the raise in sales, requests for days off from staff, on top of the numerous key events that boost our sales over the top, your scheduled routine is simply sleep-work-sleep-work. I have been lucky to finally get 2 days off and my mind is still needing to be busy. Sleeping in is hard as waking up at 6am on a regular basis can create an inner alarm clock that pushes you out of bed when the sun is up.

Yesterday I was sitting around in my apartment until I finally got outside and went for a walk. I was intent on just looking in windows but, of course, I was sucked into my favourite "pass the time" store - Winners - and came out with some more clothes. In the approving eyes of Stacey London from What Not To Wear, I bought some perfect clothes to change my look. She would approve. The day went by quickly and effortlessly. With music in my ears tuning out the surrounding stress of the city, I was able to go through racks of clothes and pass the time, work stress escaping my body, every step I took.

Today, my cat woke me up, tapping me in on the nose, mewing in my ear. As I slowly arose from my sleep, I decided on a breakfast of cereal and yogurt with blueberries, coffee and juice. My tv showing my morning guilty pleasure (What Not To Wear and The View) as I decide what I have planned for my day, I listen to the chickadees peeping over the bird seed treats I have on my balcony. I have decided on a Park day with my camera. Get some use out of my $400 Canon, with the ability to zoom in on bald eagles and such. I must pick up an item for the kitchen before but after that Stanley Park. The only unfortunate thing is that the city has decided repairs to the seawall are important during the summer months.

Hopefully, this will relax me a bit before returning to my high stress job tomorrow. I am kind of excited for a week off to do "nothing". Now if I could just get the stress out of my shoulders.

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