Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 vs Winter Olympics 2010

Regardless of the skeptics, Vancouver is a "fun zone". Starting from February 2010 through to immediately RIGHT NOW, there has been something going on in the sports world to keep the city alive. No matter whether you are a sports fan, there is always a reason to party! The Winter Olympics in Vancouver were full of exciting times. Welcome visitors from all over the globe settled in this humble little jewel of a city to compete and enjoy the sights and sounds of Vancouver. Working in the hospitality industry made for busy times, always on call ready for the next event, and Gold Medal, pumping sales up into record breaking history. We were warned of the upcoming chaos and were sufficiently staffed and prepared. Graveyard shifts and extra staff covered every moment of excitement. The preparations and experience gained over the two months became a distant memory during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Every game seemed easy compared to the nights of Hockey Canada Olympic mayhem. So easy to plan for the next game. Every Canuck game brought in the people and all the hockey fans from the Olympics. Unfortunately, the Canucks lost in the second round of the Stanley Cup run and business again slipped. Luckily Vancouver had a boost of good weather, making the patios for all the bars and restaurants full and lively again.

Just as Vancouver was about to relax for te usual lull between NHL and summer, World Cup 2010 comes around and every bar is alive with more sporting fans. Even people who hate 'football' are into the excitement of the live action on CBC. The colors of every country in the tournament are displayed in full force. The continuous hum of the horns in the stadium resonate through the broadcast like a swarm of bumble bees. Cheers are sudden and chanting is accepted at all times. I am still waiting for the singing to break out.

In the end, Vancouver is still fun, regardless of the time of year. The weather is the damper but World Cup seems to win out everytime. Vancouver is known for its rainy days and nights. This weather justs makes everyone enjoy the sunshine so much more when it shines its warm rays on our many faceted diamond of a city.

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