Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ever had a stiff neck? No really, like so freaking stiff, that you can't move your head AT ALL!??? Gawd! Over the past week I have a stiff neck until one morning, two days ago, when I awoke from my slumber in absolute agony. The pillows with which I boosted my head, managed to be so supportive that they completely reshaped my spine! My neck was so crooked it had immobilized my head.

After a half a day at work, I called a number I should have called much chiropractor. I went to see him a couple of years ago when my muscles in my neck were so tight that I lost the feeling in my fingers. Weirdly enough, I enjoyed the cracking sound of all my vertebrae but the cost of that combined with massage therapy, was digging a very deep crevasse in my savings plan. The bruising routine of trying to break through my superhero bullet proof back and neck was becoming too expensive for my wallet so I had to quit the routine.

So today, after another intensive test of my pain threshold, I was told by my doctor to treat my body better and use the medical services available on my insurance plan. I must start a strict weekly regimen of massage again and a bimonthly cracking appointment. I am like a golf ball, tightly wound, which, if damaged, will create an explosion. Hence my neck is in the shape it is, with those muscles seizing up and misaligning my spine. Geeze, those damn pillows. If I don't do this, I will be like those crumpled hunchbacked women walking along, looking like the crazy old cat lady everyone remembers from their childhood. With the mount of cat hair on my clothes sometimes, I'm halfway there!

So, having nothing to do but relax yesterday and today, I managed to watch two movies and surf the web, while heating and stretching my neck to no avail. My pain continues but my mobility is getting better. On my studies on the net I discovered things I wanted to buy for myself. Of course, I can still shop while sitting on my couch. Both items are gadgets. I have lost some interest in shopping for clothes, shoes and housewares lately and now am focusing on other fun toys.

The first fun must have was a netbook. Now I know you ask, why, since I have an ipod touch. I continue to tell people how great it is, but I do find its limits are irritating. In a previous blog I spoke of the inability of my ipod to support flash player. This drives me crazy and I finally decided if I want a better gadget I need to go a bit bigger. I tried a friend's netbook the other day and enjoyed it, regardless of the ever irritating Windows XP OS. This little taste of a new toy made me rationalize my way into buying a hardly used ASUS EEE PC 701 netbook from Craigslist.
The first use is to be able to place my online orders from home, as the safari browser and firefox browser are not acceptable with the website for my main online orders for work. Also, inventory and other paperwork can be much faster on the netbook. My memory stick for work fits in the netbook with ease.
The second use is faster easier uploads of my photos to the Hancock Wildlife website immediately. The netbook takes memory cards from cell phones and digital cameras. Cool!
The third use is faster and immediate blogging, as I am doing now. I can just begin writing, which tends to be another hobby of mine.
Finally, the size of this little netbook is perfect for portability. It fits in a purse and it is a tough little unit.

The second item on my wish list is not attainable. The Nokia N900 Rover Smart Phone and Tablet. It is absolutely amazing, that is in comparison to the iphone/ipod touch. Multitasking, Flash Player, memory, speed, etc etc. Check it out!

So, injuries make me inactive except my brain. I get restless when I can't move around or do stuff. I guess it makes me determined on my focal point. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is still in question...

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