Friday, June 4, 2010

Freaky Friday......

!!!Happy Friday!!!!

ell, I slept very well last night in await of the morning birds chirping in my ear, the sun hitting my face through my bedroom window, and the spray of water hitting my face from my cat, who enjoys drinking from my water glasses with her paw. Of course the sleep was so sound do to the double dose of muscle relaxants I took before bed to ensure my dazed dreams. So, as I opened my eyes and pushed my cat away from my water glass, I noticed immediately, that my neck was amazingly better.
As my chiropractor said, "You'll be better by Friday". I didn't believe him because I was in so much pain still. Well, surprise, surprise....I can turn my head. I am still tight but at least I am not in pain. Stretch stretch stretch. On my way out yesterday I remember his last words. "Don't over do it tomorrow".

Today was like a day from Hell. What a surprise. Of course it was, considering my haunting echo of my chiropractor's last words. We had a prep board that was enormous, a busy day of welcome customers and a huge order to put away. Not to mention the party of 50 I had to cater on top of all the other prep. There was a NHL Playoff game too. Anyways, I got quite a work out lifting and lifting and lifting some more. Over do it? Let's just say I am unaware of the meaning of that saying.

Now, 10.5 hours later, I am happy be off work, drinking a Red Roof cider in my other living room...Checkers Bar and Grill. Hopefully I will feel better again tomorrow.

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  1. I just read a bunch of your blogs, you're a gifted writer :)


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