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World Cup 2010 vs Winter Olympics 2010

Regardless of the skeptics, Vancouver is a "fun zone". Starting from February 2010 through to immediately RIGHT NOW, there has been something going on in the sports world to keep the city alive. No matter whether you are a sports fan, there is always a reason to party!The Winter Olympics in Vancouver were full of exciting times. Welcome visitors from all over the globe settled in this humble little jewel of a city to compete and enjoy the sights and sounds of Vancouver. Working in the hospitality industry made for busy times, always on call ready for the next event, and Gold Medal, pumping sales up into record breaking history. We were warned of the upcoming chaos and were sufficiently staffed and prepared. Graveyard shifts and extra staff covered every moment of excitement.The preparations and experience gained over the two months became a distant memory during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Every game seemed easy compared to the nights of Hockey Canada Olympic mayhem. So easy t…

Freaky Friday......

!!!Happy Friday!!!!

Well, I slept very well last night in await of the morning birds chirping in my ear, the sun hitting my face through my bedroom window, and the spray of water hitting my face from my cat, who enjoys drinking from my water glasses with her paw. Of course the sleep was so sound do to the double dose of muscle relaxants I took before bed to ensure my dazed dreams. So, as I opened my eyes and pushed my cat away from my water glass, I noticed immediately, that my neck was amazingly better.
As my chiropractor said, "You'll be better by Friday". I didn't believe him because I was in so much pain still. Well, surprise, surprise....I can turn my head. I am still tight but at least I am not in pain. Stretch stretch stretch. On my way out yesterday I remember his last words. "Don't over do it tomorrow".

Today was like a day from Hell. What a surprise. Of course it was, considering my haunting echo of my chiropractor's last words. We had a prep…


Ever had a stiff neck? No really, like so freaking stiff, that you can't move your head AT ALL!??? Gawd! Over the past week I have a stiff neck until one morning, two days ago, when I awoke from my slumber in absolute agony. The pillows with which I boosted my head, managed to be so supportive that they completely reshaped my spine! My neck was so crooked it had immobilized my head.

After a half a day at work, I called a number I should have called much chiropractor. I went to see him a couple of years ago when my muscles in my neck were so tight that I lost the feeling in my fingers. Weirdly enough, I enjoyed the cracking sound of all my vertebrae but the cost of that combined with massage therapy, was digging a very deep crevasse in my savings plan. The bruising routine of trying to break through my superhero bullet proof back and neck was becoming too expensive for my wallet so I had to quit the routine.

So today, after another intensive test of my pain threshold, I …