Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Step Forward Three Steps Back

Everyone loves payday. It's almost a celebratory moment when you get your cheque and pay your bills, and then you have money left over. Wow. So, having this situation presented to me, and being alone for five days, of course, I went out to enjoy my evening with some pals at my local watering hole. Yes, relaxing ended up being more like slipping into a coma, but I needed to have a night out. On to the theme of this essay though.
One step forward signifies the payment of bills that were collecting around my desk, collecting small cognitive pinpricks everytime I pulled out my wallet for the last month. I do have that damn gene most women have resulting in loads of stuff to avoid singed jeans pockets from money burning. Because of this damn gene with which I have been bogged down, I have accumulated a large wardrobe and fun things to entertain my easily bored being. As a result, I have those damn bill to pay. Shopping online is convenient but it does take money out of your credit card far too easily. The first purchase is hard and then it becomes a breeze, racking up credit like there's no tomorrow.

Three steps back - what do you think that means? Well, I made the mistake of paying too many bills to catch up and forgot about my damn account at the bank which has a little gimmick that holds any money over a certain set rate. Now I have to wait fir 6 working days to have that extra money clear to my account. So, the natural reaction? The shiny, happy card that was the official credit card of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Augh. The continuous circle of credit. Fun.
Anyways, I have to keep up appearances, right

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