Monday, April 12, 2010


Monday night. Couching it while watching the boob tube. House, 24, whatever else is on. Hanging out with my pet cat, while cuddling on the couch under a blanket. Dinner in my tummy, peppermint tea in my cup. Relaxing is great.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Step Forward Three Steps Back

Everyone loves payday. It's almost a celebratory moment when you get your cheque and pay your bills, and then you have money left over. Wow. So, having this situation presented to me, and being alone for five days, of course, I went out to enjoy my evening with some pals at my local watering hole. Yes, relaxing ended up being more like slipping into a coma, but I needed to have a night out. On to the theme of this essay though.
One step forward signifies the payment of bills that were collecting around my desk, collecting small cognitive pinpricks everytime I pulled out my wallet for the last month. I do have that damn gene most women have resulting in loads of stuff to avoid singed jeans pockets from money burning. Because of this damn gene with which I have been bogged down, I have accumulated a large wardrobe and fun things to entertain my easily bored being. As a result, I have those damn bill to pay. Shopping online is convenient but it does take money out of your credit card far too easily. The first purchase is hard and then it becomes a breeze, racking up credit like there's no tomorrow.

Three steps back - what do you think that means? Well, I made the mistake of paying too many bills to catch up and forgot about my damn account at the bank which has a little gimmick that holds any money over a certain set rate. Now I have to wait fir 6 working days to have that extra money clear to my account. So, the natural reaction? The shiny, happy card that was the official credit card of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Augh. The continuous circle of credit. Fun.
Anyways, I have to keep up appearances, right

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Wednesday, 'my Saturday', is over. Thank you, Wednesday, for being an ugly, wet, cold, windy and grey day. We woke up, sipping our coffee after a restful sleep on our new pillows, looking out the window at the type of day David Duchovny would bitch about on talk shows. After deciding to eat breakfast at home, showering and getting ready to fight the depressing low ceiling outside, we dragged ourselves into the car to do a new activity. Over choices of the Aquarium and lunch with a relative, we opted for bowling - 10 pin OF COURSE!

Of course, it was definitely fun for an hour or so. I won 2 outta 3 games! We were both pathetic haha but it was fun. Then the decision on lunch, which is always a dilemma since we have set restaurants we like but we are getting bored of them. Hence
our trip to Locus yesterday. He chose Pho so off we went to Pho Huang on Main Street. We ate our meal and then looked at our watches - 2:30pm. My choice was next. With the rain and the food making me sleepy, I would have rather crawled under a blanket and napped but I made a decision which I would regret.....METROTOWN! NOOOOOOOOoooooo!

So, driving the longest, most irritating street ever in Vancouver, Kingsway, proved to turn my mood, as I groaned and moaned (that is a weak version of my real reactions) at the drivers in this city. We arrived to a boring, uninteresting mall. We went to T & T Market and I was about to pass out from the violent olfactory assault from a combination of mildew, rotting fish and indescribable ammonia. I actually had to breathe through my mouth while wondering aloud how no one was smelling the horrendous odour.

While my guy was in the washroom I found a vending machine and popped in some coin to buy us cute toys...a jelly yellow LED glowing duck with an afro made of gel and a mini pirate voodoo doll. Those at least put a smile on our faces. Then off to Winners, which is my rainy day cure-all. Unfortunately, the boredom was not possible to hide on my Frog Prince's face so I forced him out of there. We quickly left the mall as I admitted my regret and disappointment at my desperate decision. I hate wasting days off sitting around doing nothing but this was not the best idea.

So, off to my apartment and another long hour of deciding on where to eat. We settled on Olympia on Denman and ate our dinner discussing our day of mediocrity and how sore we will be tomorrow. We are not spring chickens anymore... He will be off to Vegas Saturday morning for an NAB Conference for 4 days. I am back to work tomorrow. Yawn. I think we should have overdosed on Vitamin D for extra 'sunshine' today. Oh well, hopefully when he returns, we will have 'something to do'!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ostrich, Ikea and Lazy Days

Today was a lazy day. I woke up at 10am in an array of stuffed animals, all frogs bought for me by my guy, the Frog Prince himself. I dragged my butt out of bed and brewed coffee while watching the crazy antics of the women from The View. Apparently, Scrabble UK is making a special edition allowing proper nouns. Luckily Hasbro, owners of Scrabble in North America, will not alter the rules.... Thank You.

After two cups of java and an Internet search of info on the show 24, last season ya know, my Prince showed up to take me to lunch. Locus on Main Street and King Edward Avenue is a great place for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, anything. He had the bison scrambler with chilis while I had the lunch special - ostrich pearl stuffed with mushrooms, topped with garlic pesto butter, sothered in jus and served with corn, baby zucchini, green onions and carrots. Yummy! Fresh squeezed OJ too. Mmmm. If you get a chance to go to Locus, please do! Deliscious!

After our gourmet brunch we decided the weather was too bizarre to chance an outdoor activity, so we drove out Richmond and toured around Ikea. I love going there to open and close the kitchen drawers and cabinets, in awe of the storage saving surprises in every hidden cavity of each layout. Unfortunately I had no real need for anything, so the drama, focus and passion of shopping in Swedenland was lost. I spent under $5 on 4 bowls for my cat's food and a funnel set for my guy. He spent half that on 2 hotdogs and a drink afterwards, the prize for making it through the zigzaging route in the jungle of teak and pine assembled furniture.

The next trip was a surprise. He was going to buy me something that I needed but I wouldn't buy for myself. he drove to Oakridge Mall and walked me through the aisles and finally brought me to the memory foam pillows. Surprise! He bought me a
pillow for my head since his pillows seem to rack my neck when I sleep over. They were on sale which was even better! So he bought a bigger one for himself.

Now, after a quick trip to Buy Low Foods for dinner food, we sit on his couch as he naps and I blog. Lazy lazy lazy days. Yawn.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Technology, the iPad and Me

So, as you can see by my first post before this edit, I am not the technological geek for which my friends perceive me. I am known to be carrying two gadgets with me constantly. My mobile phone, which changes with the seasons depending on whether it breaks, I break it or I lose it; and my iPod touch. I spend so much time on both toys it's silly. Friends ask me why I just don't combine the two and get an iPhone. There is one main reason - cost. I spend 1/5th the cost on my cell than people do on their iPhone. I have an unlimited plan to text for free on my cell and rarely use my phone to dial out. I never call long distance. So why would I pay more?

My iPod acts as a netbook really. Wifi spots and my home wifi allow me to use it like a laptop. I have an application to work on templates and word documents so I can do my paperwork from virtually anywhere. I Facebook, Twitter, surf the web, email, order online even from my iPod. Sure it's creating a lazy human but it is also allowing me to destress away from the office, working in the comfort of my chosen surrounding, while avoiding an enourmous mobile bill and lugging around a bulky laptop.

Setting up this incredible little technological wonder was, at first, a bit foreign to me. I couldn't get the wifi modem to pair with my iPod but with a ltitle help from my Internet supplier online, I received simple instructions to make my device compatible with my wireless modem. Fortunately I kept those instructions because my little mini computer decided to reject my modem pairing. Perhaps they had a little tiff and wanted to have a break for a while. To no avail I searched my desk for those instructions and in no time - BAM - a truce was created and I was cruising on line again!

All of this inconvenience made me think about the upcoming chaos with the iPad, soon to be sold in Canada. This new piece of technology being introduced to the public seems to me to be a larger version of the iPhone or iPod touch. From watching the previews and all the reviews, it seems to be my iPod but 6 times the size! So, of course, I thought 'wow'. This could be a neat new toy on which I could do all of my projects and leisure activities. Then as I pondered the wonders of Apple's new invention, I began to imagine its use in my world. The reason I like my iPod is it's size and it's one-hand use (coffee or beer or wine or food or umbrella or etc... in the other). I think that using it without a stand would be difficult because the physical process of using the touch screen on an iPod or iPhone is either with two thumbs or fingers. With the iPad you would need to set the tablet down and type on it like a laptop. I think this makes the iPad less efficient for quick access to type, especilly if there is no flat surface on which to lay the iPad down. What would I do with my coffee?

The size of the iPad seems great if you want to read books, newspapers, etc on the touch screen. Unforunately, the inconvenience of it not fitting in your pocket or small purse, creates the need for a bigger carry bag or case ( or pocket). The ease in which I can transport my iPod seems to outweigh the extra accesories needed to protect an iPad, requiring a bigger touch screen protecting film, an outer protective shell and a carry case, nevermind the need for a portable flat surface such as an attaching stand or 'easel' of some sort.

Yes, I may have becomeca bit of a Mac snob, but I don't think I will be requiring an iPad soon. The final disadvantage in the mix for me is the frusration with my iPod - no flash player ability. The iPad also has this disadvantage which renders it simply a large iPod touch in my eyes. I can guarantee a future shift in my feelings when I actually get my little ungeeky paws on an iPad. For some reason the feel of Apple toys are addictive. Whether I like it, love it or am indifferent, will only be answered at a later date.