Pride House at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010

Pride House is a very important community addition needed during the Olympics. With so many people in town, it is a perfect time to represent ALL of the diversity of this city. Each and every country involved in the Olympics are here to compete and to join together as one, with one goal in each and every heart - GOLD.

The medals may represent different things for each person. The concept of winning and losing is simply the gimmick to the end result -bringing the world together in peaceful competition. To show human kind that we all can live and compete in this world, without war.

Vancouver, and Canada, is a microcosm of what the Olympics is about. The many ethnic groups, cultures, ages, and, YES, sexual orientations, all blended together, and yet, also standing on their own, in one city, and country, successfully.

There is definitely room for improvement in our political direction, and the class differences are to the extreme here in The Best Place To Live In The World. Do remember, we all made the choices of this city and built it ourselves. It is our amazing diversity that makes this city so wonderful.

Questioning a simple addition as Pride House to the Olympic celebrations is a non-issue in my Vancouver. If course we should show the world how we live and how Vancouver is our microcosm of what the world should be.

Celebate in whichever 'House' you wish, whether it be in your own home or in your favourite place to cheer. If you don't celebrate the Olympics themselves, at least cheer the fact that we can choose to cheer or not. Lastly, cheer for the world.


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