Friday, November 20, 2009

The Oprah Winfrey Effect

I have heard quite enough from the sobbing sloppy sniffling Oprah fans depressed about Winfrey's announcement to finish her talk show September 9 2011. Her focus group is the exact opposite of her main fan base.

If her goal is to enpower women with confidence, independence, and financial freedom, while having a happy family and fulfilled mate, she missed the target. The fans that aspire to her perfection, will be cut off with a simple slice on September 9 2011. This is Winfrey's key way of collection her millions. If Oprah says read this, watch this, buy this, eat this - her followers read, watch, buy, and eat in formation. This, in turn, creates instant authors, movie stars, entrepeneurs, and chefs.

If Oprah leaves her flock, it will not only affect those needy followers but also herself. How will Oprah gather her piles and piles of gold? In turn, how will she react to cutting off her Mother Teresa type life, albeit a richer version - perhaps more Robin Hood-like?

Her creation of a black President and ideal Royal 1st Family, or rather support of the Obamas, pave the yellow brick road to the White House. Now her trek down the road will take some time to allow the Obama effect to set in. I guess 2012 is too early as she will not want to go up against Obama. 2016 is more likely and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't try for some other political title to add to her resume.

Now if you think this all sounds familiar, it does, but the relation is more from a negative incubus. Of course, perhaps negative is a term used here in relation to success. Cult leaders are considered by society as evil people, leading their followers to bad actions. Religious leaders do the same, leading their flock to goodness and light, while collecting money for the Church. Is Winfrey a cult or religious leader? In my eyes, she is. These viewers say they will be lost without her. They have not learned independence if they cannot stop following Winfrey. Has Oprah slowly created her own society or religion of followers?

You decide......