Monday, August 31, 2009

Make Your Bed...Lie In It!

So I admit that I create the energy around me. Yes, people are all affected by your actions, I understand. When I make my bed I should lie in it, but should it be a bed of nails? In my attempt to stand up for the rights and happiness of my fellow employees, I end up suffering the most. Why do I sacrifice my happiness for others? I never get the kharma back. I mean maybe I do but it certainly isn't noticable. When presented with an obviously awful situation where the choice between me or everyone else is involved, 'everyone' never stands up for
me, and I have no choice but to put myself second. Is it for the fear of being disliked? Avoiding ruffling anyone's feathers? Perhaps. I feel that I am taken for granted, assuming I will always sacrifice myself for another. Well, sometimes I hate it! Just stop it!!!!!

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