Monday, August 31, 2009

Make Your Bed...Lie In It!

So I admit that I create the energy around me. Yes, people are all affected by your actions, I understand. When I make my bed I should lie in it, but should it be a bed of nails? In my attempt to stand up for the rights and happiness of my fellow employees, I end up suffering the most. Why do I sacrifice my happiness for others? I never get the kharma back. I mean maybe I do but it certainly isn't noticable. When presented with an obviously awful situation where the choice between me or everyone else is involved, 'everyone' never stands up for
me, and I have no choice but to put myself second. Is it for the fear of being disliked? Avoiding ruffling anyone's feathers? Perhaps. I feel that I am taken for granted, assuming I will always sacrifice myself for another. Well, sometimes I hate it! Just stop it!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craig Ferguson is the Perfect Nightcap!

Every weekday night I get comfortable on the couch or if it's later in bed and get ready for a perfect nightcap. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is such a great show and many people are missing the genius of an amazing comedian. Ferguson is so personable that every person, no matter where you come from, can relate to his comedy.

Ferguson is humble and self-depreciating to make everyone realize even more how different his show is in comparison to his competition, Jimmy Fallon. Ferguson's show is strictly a one-man-show, with no side kick or band. His set is minimal, hardly altered much from the previous set used by Craig Kilborn, the original host. Ferguson has no flashy graphics or expensive skits. It's all 'focussed' on him and his ability to hold a room for the whole show.
His eccentricities using puppets and dressing as a woman are slapstick vaudvillian classic comedy tools. His opening musical two minute introductions, lipsynching popular songs with some intern help, are hilarious because of his acting abilities and clown-esque personality.
If watching Craig Ferguson once is in your future be prepared to be hooked!