Friday, July 31, 2009

Pride Vancouver, Heat Waves and Fireworks

Vancouver is a busy place right now. There are so many events happening at once, the city can hardly contain itself. The HSBC Celebration of Light, Pride Week, The Police and Fireman Games, and the endless heat wave to make us all a little sweaty. Everyone is trying their best to not perspire while having fun in the sun.

At work we have been busy for a week, breaking sales records and heat records all the same. The kitchen there is taking casualties daily as the heatwave is tripled in front of the fires cooking all the food for the locals and Pride goers. With the Fireworks and Pride festivities combined tomorrow night, and a busy sunny brunch to boot, we all will be running off our feet.

If you're out and about, send out some positive thoughts our way as we will need it!!!!