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Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

When you spend much of your spare time with your mate, is it considered withdrawal when you miss your mate when you are separated? Is love an addiction?

This summer has been a catastrophe for me on many aspects. Work completely took over most of my time, which cut into my private life drastically. The time spent working was definitely hindering my love life and my general sanity. I was lucky to see my guy once a week through the summer months. Although we spoke on the phone and chatted on-line, our specialty, I was starting to show the signs of breakdown. Being with him was my only escape from the hell of the summer months working in the hospitality industry, managing a flighty team, cutting chunks from my schedule daily. Without a day off in weeks, and no plans to "escape", my mental state was a balancing act of normal to psycho every step of the tight rope.

With the leaves falling, the school year starting and the summer heat cooling, my days off have returned and my "e…

Relationships and Jigsaw Puzzles - Can You Really Train Yourself To Change?

Over my many years, where men have come and gone, I have always wondered if each and every experience really alters your personality. Recently, I have been seeing a massage therapist for a problem I have with my neck. The tension in my neck muscles, which have knotted up so much I could compete with Superman in a bullet-stopping contest, has created a numbing feeling in my fingertips. All of this is due to stress and over-use of the muscles, being too short for the counter tops at my work in kitchens. The therapist says that if I don't continue to stretch my neck muscles, they will contract back to the shortened tense position, never training the muscle to relax.

If we stretch our personalities, compromising certain characteristics to be compatible with a mate, do we ultimately change into a different person?

At the tender age of 40, I can see the errors of my ways in love...that is regarding the past men in my life. For some reason I can never see the cracks in the road that I chos…


Yes I'm still alive. I'm sure with the billions of people following my blog, the world has stopped since my last submission. ***Silence*** Maybe it has stopped? Wow AMAZING....

Well, I have been busy to say the least. I want to change the format of my blog. No one probably cares about my boring life, so I will save you all from the crap I write. Plus I don't need daily affirmation anymore. My life is guy, good job, happy happy.

New format? I am quite the ranter and raver, so I have decided to use my blog asking questions similar to the fictional character, Carrie Bradshaw, from the TV show Sex and the City.

This way I will have a bit more of a theme...

So, we'll see how that goes for a while...