Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Actually Have A Legitimate Hobby! Wow!

Soar With The Eagles....

Okay if you can't soar with them... take pictures of them and share them with the world. The answering machine blinked repeatedly when I sauntered into my apartment after a few drinks with pals at the local pub. I pressed the button, half expecting to hear another irritating marketer selling me some crap. The recording was not a telemarketer, but it was someone who wanted me for something. It was a moderator from the discussion forum I frequent, centered around bald eagles. http://www.hancockwildlife.org/staticpages/index.php/2007080118150553 She had left me an email the other day regarding the pictures I had taken of the eagles in Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park, discussing the possible need for some help. Well, I called her today and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the main people for the site were wondering if I wanted to be a "Content Facilitator or Provider". I would be in charge of the topic about the Stanley Park Eagles, adding recent pictures and information about the nest.

This is a volunteer responsibility and am quite happy to do so, especially if it gets me to the park more. I must now always have my camera, and this will keep me busy when I'm off work in the months ahead (and keep me out of Checkers). At least this is what I was thinking as I said yes to the HWC moderator. I wonder if this decision makes me more of the nerd I always was. I told my boyfriend that I was a geek in disguise, dressing and acting like one of the popular kids, but underneath the wardrobe was a nerd.In the end it doesn't matter because the volunteer work is not about me or my specific quirks, but about documenting a specific group of bald eagles in Stanley Park. There are many people who would like to see pictures of the wildlife found right outside their door; people who don't have the time or patience to follow these majestic birds. Well, if I can show these birds to that group of people, and the other eagle-fans everywhere, while simply hanging out in my favourite place on a beautiful day...well gosh, darn I guess I will have to twist my own rubber arm.

I am pretty excited considering I purchased a new portable, digital camera. It takes better, clearer pictures. Now all I have to do is make sure I have batteries and my camera with me all the time. I also have to keep up with putting the photos on the discussion site. If you read this blog, you know how easily distracted I get, ignoring my blog page for months. In this case it is more interactive, people commenting on a regular basis. I can even put up some video if I get some! Like this one from my balcony and the wee birdies that visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I never thought I would get so far into watching the eagles but even I can surprise myself out of the routines I go through in my life.

Speaking of hobbies, I find it very interesting that my boyfriend and I have separate hobbies yet they are quite similar. He is an avid aero-enthusiast, meaning he loves jet-fighters of many eras, and builds replicas of these planes. He frequents the Abbostford Airshow annually and snaps photos and video of the event. On one of our first "outings" we watched the Mars Bomber in Coal Harbour! It is used as a fire fighting plane, dumping zillions of gallons of water on forest fires in BC and all over North America if needed. On the other hand, I am an eagle-enthusiast. Both hobbies deal with aerodynamics. We recently watched a documentary about the flight of eagles and the use of this study for jet-fighter planes. It was right up our alley so-to-speak.

I never thought I really had a hobby, other than walking around Stanley Park, shopping for bargains, and of course, sleeping. This volunteer makes it official! I am an official hobbyist! Now I have legitimate reasons behind sitting for hours looking up at the sky! Remember if you see me looking up to the sky, there is no doubt an eagle nearby, or some sort of raptor.


  1. That is so very cool. Looking forward to seeing your pics on the site.

  2. i giggled at this one. nerd in disguise. you and me both! reading your posts makes me think i may want to start a blog...
    i'll keep you posted on that.


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