Wednesday, March 26, 2008


FACEBOOK is a fun place to hangout. It kind of appeared one day in my life through a friend, asking me to join. I thought it was harmless, and a better place than myspace. Myspace seemed to be hacked quite frequently and my page was compromised too many times. With FACEBOOK it seemed safer in a way, without my page being infiltrated with spam and such. It was a fun space to play games, send cute little youtube videos, etc. Unfortunately, the tide have turned, as everything does.

In the beginning, before I realized I could change my security setting, I noticed a zillion email updates appearing in my hotmail. Updates telling me if a friend even exhaled or wiped his ass. Quite irritating to wake up in the morning and check my email to see FACEBOOK had taken up a whole page of emails! Then I realized I could change my security settings to not update me on anything. This way I just check my FACEBOOK page for the new things that happened. I can also change what updates I want to see. All things were good after this. That is, good for a little while. 

I was asked to add a funwall and superwall. I did, thinking it would be harmless, friends sending me cute pictures and videos. Well, this was the beginning of the end. I began receiving stupid chain letters. These chain letters disquised themselves first as cool horoscopes or interesting tidbits of information that would make you laugh. At the end of each item it stated to send it to all your friends. That was it. Then these simple word-of-mouth messages changed to actual spam, and highest point of irritation for me.

The messages were short but stated that something would happen if you sent it to everyone on your friend list. Yes, of course you fall for it once or twice. But that's it! Now everyday I receive 5-6 of these and they are strictly from my friends, as I have only allowed access to people I accept as friends. This is a small abrasion which has now turned into a festering massive wound. "My friends" seem to think it is okay to continue these stupid chain letters and I am quite sick of them. Whether I mean the chain letters or the stupidity of "my friends" is up to you to decide.

I have officially deleted my funwall and superwall, cutting off the highway of crap on to my FACEBOOK page. Little do any of my friends realize, but they are supporting the idiots spreading the chain letters. Everytime one of the authors of these letters sees his or her creation, it gives them a rise and makes them glow. It's like and addiction, where if they get accustomed to the rise they get from seeing their work, they create more and more. It's like feeding the trolls, so to speak. Continuing to get angry at trolls just makes them pester you more. It's a never ending road. Unless you cut them off, it will continue.

I am ranting here hoping people read this and, in turn, change their behaviour on FACEBOOK, and for that matter, on any corrspondance site. This way we can avoid the crap and keep the pages fun and enjoyable. I kow, there is always a bad apple in the group, and it will never end, but if we just try to avoid "feeding" these idiots, it might deter them. In the meantime, I will change my route to avoid frustrating spam on my FACEBOOK page. For all the fun suff I am it to me. If that becomes a spamfest...I'll just delete the author...YOU!!!!! 

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