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FACEBOOK is a fun place to hangout. It kind of appeared one day in my life through a friend, asking me to join. I thought it was harmless, and a better place than myspace. Myspace seemed to be hacked quite frequently and my page was compromised too many times. With FACEBOOK it seemed safer in a way, without my page being infiltrated with spam and such. It was a fun space to play games, send cute little youtube videos, etc. Unfortunately, the tide have turned, as everything does.
In the beginning, before I realized I could change my security setting, I noticed a zillion email updates appearing in my hotmail. Updates telling me if a friend even exhaled or wiped his ass. Quite irritating to wake up in the morning and check my email to see FACEBOOK had taken up a whole page of emails! Then I realized I could change my security settings to not update me on anything. This way I just check my FACEBOOK page for the new things that happened. I can also change what updates I want to see. All thi…

Lazy, Rainy Days and Waiting for the Sun

It's March 25th and raining again. I know Easter and daylight savings time came early but I am getting quite sick of all this cold and wet weather. Spring is here, and yes, we all know the saying "April showers bring May flowers". So let's get on with it! The winter is dragging on and that damn groundhog said spring would arrive early this year. Funny how we all remember what the result was with Wiarton Willie and Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd. It's ridiculous to believe a large rodent, but for some bizarre human behaviour here in North America, the groundhog tells us when spring will appear.
I'm wondering if all this weird weather is really 'weird' or if it is just me anticipating warmer days ahead. It seems everything is a bit off quilter. The Japanese cherry blossoms are starting to bloom which is always a good sign. The Great Blue Herons are nesting in the Stanley Park Rookery, which is on time. The eagle nests, on-line and local, are empty tho…