Lilypads and Sleepovers

It's been awhile since I have updated my blog page. If you are reading this, don't call the police. I am not a missing person and I have to admit, being kidnapped by a frog isn't as bad as it sounds. I have been having a fantastic 2008 so far and maybe that is why I have left a vacant blog space here.
My Frog Prince has been wonderful. He and I have been hanging out on his lilypad, and as the Princess, it isn't so bad. Sure, it's not the beautiful castle that I am accustomed to, in the west end, but it is quite comfortable. Floating around on his pond, catching flies and watching dragonflies, sleeping in the sun on his lilypad is paradise. 
Sleeping over on his lilypad is fun too. We are learning more and more about each others habits and routines, which is interesting and amusing at times. The common saying "I don't snore" came up. Haha Sure you don't. At least I admit it. But frog snores are cute and soothing...Funny how it used to annoy me.
Anyways, a quick note here from the lilypad, to say I'm still here. And happy.

***************************************************************************************************************** Frog says my blog was not quite as thought out as my previous blogs....little did he know, while he was frolicking in the shower, I was furiously blogging so he wouldn't know...So much for privacy. I guess that's what happens when you blog on someone else's computer. Ribbit....


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