Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lazy Rainy Days

Spring has sprung! Unfortunately with that comes rain, rain, rain. I am so thankful of the cold weather disappearing but at the same time, trading the deep freeze for a pair of rubber boots still doesn't seem enticing. The day-to-day monotony of grey skies is quite depressing. I wait patiently for the eagles to return to their nests and the dragonflies hovering around my head as I walk around Lost Lagoon.

Why does rain make everyone so lazy? Sitting here with my guy, sipping coffee, glancing out to the cloudy wet day, makes me want to go back to bed. Luckily I have some things to do today so that will get me out of bed. The weather at this time is more of a drain than usual. When we are all fooled by the sunshine one day followed by a grey day, it tends to skew you're energy when you are lacking sunshine!

How to kick the lazy day feeling on a cloudy day? Shopping and eating. Okay, not shopping for anything in particular, wandering around stores browsing can make a couple like us seem a bit too comfortable with each other. While walking through the bedding section in a department store I had this weird feeling like we were preparing for the future hunt for the perfect wedding registry. Creepy, at least for me this early in the relationship. But at the same time, not uncomfortable at all.

Our purchases consisted of things we needed and toys we didn't, but certainly are fun (hint hint). Also, my eating habits have been all over the place with my decision to join the mainstream and quit smoking. Thank God for nicorette but I haven't really had any extreme signs of heroine withdrawal, as it has been compared too. I have slight mood swings which are similar to PMS so I can see it coming and jam a piece of chewable smoke in my mouth. It probably looks worse from the other side, but I hope it isn't so bad. Hopefully all the eating doesn't put me in the fat zone that I was in. I used to be 168lbs and now I am 150lbs. Happy to be 10lbs heavier than my graduation weight but would like to lose more.
OK... I am rambling. I must leave NOW.


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