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Lazy Rainy Days

Spring has sprung! Unfortunately with that comes rain, rain, rain. I am so thankful of the cold weather disappearing but at the same time, trading the deep freeze for a pair of rubber boots still doesn't seem enticing. The day-to-day monotony of grey skies is quite depressing. I wait patiently for the eagles to return to their nests and the dragonflies hovering around my head as I walk around Lost Lagoon.

Why does rain make everyone so lazy? Sitting here with my guy, sipping coffee, glancing out to the cloudy wet day, makes me want to go back to bed. Luckily I have some things to do today so that will get me out of bed. The weather at this time is more of a drain than usual. When we are all fooled by the sunshine one day followed by a grey day, it tends to skew you're energy when you are lacking sunshine!

How to kick the lazy day feeling on a cloudy day? Shopping and eating. Okay, not shopping for anything in particular, wandering around stores browsing can make a couple like us…

Lilypads and Sleepovers

It's been awhile since I have updated my blog page. If you are reading this, don't call the police. I am not a missing person and I have to admit, being kidnapped by a frog isn't as bad as it sounds. I have been having a fantastic 2008 so far and maybe that is why I have left a vacant blog space here. My Frog Prince has been wonderful. He and I have been hanging out on his lilypad, and as the Princess, it isn't so bad. Sure, it's not the beautiful castle that I am accustomed to, in the west end, but it is quite comfortable. Floating around on his pond, catching flies and watching dragonflies, sleeping in the sun on his lilypad is paradise.  Sleeping over on his lilypad is fun too. We are learning more and more about each others habits and routines, which is interesting and amusing at times. The common saying "I don't snore" came up. Haha Sure you don't. At least I admit it. But frog snores are cute and soothing...Funny how it used to annoy me. Anyway…