Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year to Me!

Happy New Year to all the readers out there. Sorry I have been out of order for awhile but I have been a bit busy, which, I suppose, is a good thing. I have decided to venture into a new sub-blog which I will begin soon, if I get around to it. If you want to read that, it will be called, The Misadventures of the Alternate Living Room. Whether I am more or less diligent in writing there is another challenge I must overcome. It will be the stories or day-to-day happenings of my favourite place to be, where I feel comfortable and happy, other than on my own couch, my local pub. And to all you readers who frequent that nameless place...don't worry, I will change all the names to hide your identities. I want to write about it because I think it is a fantastic splice of life, especially through my eyes.

On with the show here, though....

What has happened since my last visit? On-line dating has halted for awhile. Why, you ask? Well, it turned out to be a success! I have met a Prince Charming. Although he is not on his white steed, wearing his combat gear, and looking like a male model, he is my Prince Charming! He and I met on Craigslist, and he was the first person to respond to my personal ad, which I put on the site as a bit of a joke or, rather investigation. I thought I would be gracious enough to respond to his reply, as he was the first guy to drop me a line. He even suggested I filter through the "applicants" first and get back to him after if I wanted to. Very polite and chivalrous of him. I didn't and began talking to him via e-mail then messenger. We finally met, after "typing' back and forth every night from computer to computer or to my phone. He called me a couple of times before we met up, also.

Coffee date first. I met him and took him to Melriches, 2 stores away from my work. We sat and talked for 2 hours, or rather, I talked. I was high on caffeine from the whole day, as I was walking around on my day off ingesting too much coffee already. I wasn't immediately attracted to him, I have to admit. He was definitely not my type, not that I have ever had a type. Definitely not George Clooney, and of course, everyone is visually stimulated first. But after our date, and more conversations, I realized this guy has something there that every other guy doesn't. I couldn't put my finger on it, but we get along like two peas in a pod on-line, so why not try another date.

This one was a sushi date, on his side of town. He picked me up and off we went. I am quite happy to be dating someone who, not only has his licence but also owns a car! We had a great lunch even though I was hungover from a night of over indulgence! After sushi we went for a drive around Stanley Park. A quick date before the Christmas rush of family and friends. A quick hug and peck and it was over.

Our next date was sushi on my side of town, and a movie. We went to Downtown sushi, in hopes of Vivien entertaining us with her hilarious antics. Unfortunately, she wasn't as exciting. Then we wandered off to the theater. A suspense movie, I Am Legend, was the only thing I was interested in and he wanted to see it. It was okay and a bit exciting. His hand on my knee or holding my hand throughout the flick. It was quite cute when he jumped at one point. After the flick, we wandered the streets down to the pub. All of my pals down there were eying us up...of course, whispering back and forth about my date. We watched the rest of the Canuck game and then he walked me home. He kissed me for a while outside of my apartment and we said good night. That's where I began to think a bit more about this very polite and shy guy.

We spoke more and more on-line and through texts, over the next few days. Then on Boxing Day, after my day of work, I went over to his place. We talked over a few Granville Island Christmas Ales, as I took in his living quarters. A sense of comfort came over me, glancing around at his collection of models of aircrafts. My brother was quite interested in models and it reminded me of childhood, and me laying on the floor watching him assemble model after model, decals, model glue and paints everywhere. His music playlist also made me at ease, as he had much of the same music as I, including Corinne Bailey Rae, which is one of my favourites. He seemed to have as much clutter as I do in my apartment. This also made me at ease. Sometimes visiting a guy's place can be a bit daunting, especially if they have a beautiful place and you are just living in a humble abode. It results in never inviting him over to your place out of intimidation or embarrassment.

On New Year's Day, everything changed. He met me after a hectic day of insanity at my work. I wandered down to the pub, exhausted from the New Year's Day rush and was quite disappointed to walk into chaos instead of the relaxed atmosphere I was used to. Everyone was drunk or getting there and it was loud and obnoxious in the bar. I got a seat at the bar and worried about his reaction when he got there, him being hungover from the previous night's festivities at his brother's place. When he got there it was a bit quieter but still not relaxing. We talked at the bar as, once again, people were spying on us. We were finally ready to go and wandered out for dinner. Sushi again at my other favourite place, Akira on Denman. Not as busy there, we were able to relax and talk more. After dinner we bought a bottle of red wine and went back to my apartment.

Listening to music, we sat on my couch sipping wine and talking about everything. He gave me a bit of a massage, reaching under my sweater. All was so comfortable and felt just right. We did a lot of making out on my couch and then I thought it would be time to do something about all the hot and heavy petting. As I was about to get up and lead him to my bedroom, we managed to spill red wine all over the place! This ended up being quite the cleaning expedition! After, I had a shower to wash brunch off, and came out in my robe. Now we all know what happened next, which I will not describe. Leave it to your imagination. He stayed the night, especially since I wasn't working the next day.

Breakfast in the morning, a walk around Stanley Park viewing 9 eagles, and then dinner later. Another visit back to my apartment, watching a movie, and another romp in the bedroom, and I was hooked. My "Geek" was exactly what I needed. He is very attentive and probably the best guy I have ever had in my bed. We still get along like hand in glove, despite the change in our relationship. Somehow, this guy got under my skin and I acquired a new addiction. This one is a good one which I don't need to quit!

He's been over again and
I've been to his place too, for more romps, movies and such. The best part is we can talk about anything. My little accident at work, nipping the tip of my thumb off, took us for another turn in our relationship. He came down to see me and take me out for dinner which in turn was a bit much for him. He was so worried about me being in the emergency ward, being repaired, that he insisted in buying me dinner. Unfortunately, all the drama and him being squeamish about blood, was a bit much and he fainted twice. Not on the floor but it was a bit of a scare for me! In turn, it showed us that we were a bit more attached to each other than we were showing...him rushing to me in the hospital, a place he would rather not be, and me keeping him from completely passing out, supporting him of his phobia. Obviously something was happening here.

So now, as I sit here, blah-blahing about the happenings of my New Year, I have decided that I am in a new relationship. I have also decided that I am no longer single, which is a hard thing to do, considering this will be a whole new world of compromise. I am not the best at this, giving up comforts that I hang on to like a security blanket. I was enjoying the single life but I am enjoying my life even more now. Sharing can be a good thing. Cooking together, walking together hand in hand, snuggling on the couch watching movies. These are all things that I have always wanted. Now that I am with a new person, I can be a better person, knowing my past mistakes. Being open and honest is a big one for me. So far so good. He knew about my wrist ganglion immediately even before we met! I have a feeling this will all be a good thing for me, giving me a new spice in my life to cook with.

The fairy tale of the Frog Prince is true, for all you gals out there. Give him a chance. I did! I am very happy!!!! (I know you are reading this, Queasy Duck...and you are my "Geek", remember...I am a "geek" too, but in disguise. Kisses and hugs XOX)

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